Playin Soccer: Training with a difference for the Barça squad

Awesome Tip: Training with a difference for the Barça squad

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  1. Reply

    Barca will never win a CL under that clueless cow Valverde that have no experience in big clubs and competitions level, he keeps experimenting that douche.

    Put that in Bartomeu's head and stick in his ass if he has no brain, BARCA WILL NEVER WIN CL UNDER VALVERDE.

  2. Reply

    Horrible garbage coach Valverde, sack that douche.

  3. Reply

    No Brasil Messi é o melhor do mundo de todos os tempo

    • SaphY
    • February 11, 2021

    they're all so happy :'))

  4. BARCELONA gives the best training!!

  5. IskommodRakesh

  6. Reply

    Sign De Ligt plz

  7. Reply

    صلى على رسول الله

  8. Reply

    Maybe valverde is thinking about attacking football with deep press

  9. Reply

    Gods day to day and beautiful

  10. Reply

    Esto es lo que hace diferente a Suárez en todo lo que hace compite y se divierte pero compite y hace que los demás lo hagan..fue lo mejor que le pudo pasar a Messi que después de perder 3 finales con argentina la moral no sería la mejor y estas personas son la que te ayudan a seguir compitiendo y al mismo tiempo que te siga divirtiendo grande Luis Suárez

  11. Messi has been subpar in last major matches.

  12. Reply

    Animo vamis a ganar todo fuerza bendiciones de canada

  13. Reply

    They're Training at home?

    Guess the bernabeu's under construction

  14. Lyon has already challenged us. We have make them shut.

  15. Reply

    rakitic in them predators

  16. Reply

    We're gonna fuck Lyon next week! FORCA BARCA.

  17. Reply

    Barca must win thia years champion's league at any cost

  18. Reply

    Will win

  19. Reply

    champions league here we come

  20. Reply

    One word:MONSTERS

  21. Reply

    messi is tha best

  22. Reply

    Força Barça

  23. Reply

    Messi melhor da história

  24. Reply

    Sign jovic or pepe Or maxi gomez and de ligh in the summer

  25. Reply

    One would think as professionals they should be getting the mark more often. But what do I know, I just watch. Still love them though!

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