Playin Soccer: TRAINING SESSION | Ready for the game against Granada!

Awesome Tip: TRAINING SESSION | Ready for the game against Granada!

After beating Valencia in La Liga last Saturday and playing to a scoreless stalemate at Borussia Dortmund in the UEFA Champions League on Tuesday, Barça will go down to Andalusia on Saturday for their third contest in an eight-day span and a domestic league clash with sixth-placed Granada — winners of two in a row. Kickoff at the Nuevo Los Cármenes is set for 9.00pm CEST.

Barça manager Ernesto Valverde will head to Granada with these 18 players: Ter Stegen, N. Semedo, Piqué, I. Rakitic, Sergio, Todibo, Arthur, Suárez, Messi, Neto, Lenglet, Griezmann, S. Roberto, F. De Jong, Vidal, Junior, C. Pérez, and Ansu Fati.

Left out due to coach’s decision are M. Wague and Aleñá, while O. Dembélé, Jordi Alba, and Umtiti are out with injuries.

Last workout
Barça’s final preparatory training session ahead of the match with Granada CF included all available first team players, plus C. Pérez from Barça B, and Tenas and Ansu Fati from the U19 team.
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    Bench suarez. Let him know there is a competition!

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    valverdy out

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    Valverde OUT!!!!!!

  4. Valverde out!

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    I think EV will not get the turn anymore. Now we need one of this blockade dissolves. What we see at the moment is not Barca. Valverde out !
    Vamos Barca

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    Valverde ouuuuut

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    They lost, haha, training clearly didn't work

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    and over the pitch nothing and a misrable loss

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    fucking bums! play the game like its the last time youre gonna be on the pitch!! where is the character? the desire? i see no fucking heart in this team. head down and embarrassed. snap out of it!!!!

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    Bartomeu out

  11. Reply

    Valverde and bartomeu out

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    valverde out

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    Valverde out

  15. Reply

    Valverde out

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    no you were not ready

  17. Es culpa de Messi y su club de amigos!!!!!!!!!!!!! de vacas sagradas que no corren y juegan a nada!. Que se vaya de una vez y que jueguen los canteranos, jovenes y fichajes que juegan como equipo!.

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    yeah they are ready..granada 2-0 barcelona..barcelona dosent going good at all..especially the manager ..whatta joke tacticall plan..

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    Valverde out

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    Valverde get out

  21. VALVERDE please leave our Club .you're a spie.I don't know who asked you to come ,but the only thing we want is to see you OUT… VALVERDEOUT,OUT,OUT,OUT,OUT,OUT. Go away!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Yeah, ready to lose!

  23. Valvelde out

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  25. Valverde out

    • aj cm
    • February 13, 2021


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    fuck u coach valvadre …why played messi before half time

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    Guys you have practiced a lot, But Granada is the best team of the world as well as Valvarde is the Best…. We want Valvarde for next 100 years…Mr, Barca President wake up and prepare the Contract

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    Kecewa aku,,, sebagai feen barca,,,sama granada aj kalah,,, kenapa gak,, dari awal asufati dimaini,,, sama mesi,,, pelatih lupa ya,, bawah kalian butuh poin penuh

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    Boten a valverde no sirve como entrenador del barca partidos perdidos fuera de casa capaz q no llega a ganar la championd como va da asco

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    Ansufadi kid stupid idiot fuck

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    Після гри з Гранадою,барса це повне гавно,гавно,гавно.

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    Valverde out stupidddd

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    valverde out!!!

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    Hello barca fans..
    I suggest we all subscribers in barca channels and social media to unsubscibe, and no one goes ever again to the staduim until they get Valverde kicked off… this man is the biggest disaster have ever hapend in barca history… get this message to everyone y know.. plz… thank you

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    no music just pitch sounds xoxo

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