Playin Soccer: Training fun with the whole group

Awesome Tip: Training fun with the whole group

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    Where's Vidal?

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    impossible for messi to loose this

  3. مو حلو لان نيمار مو وياهم

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    Vermaelen is a legend!

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    Messi always hold Alba's arms 2333

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    Fichen Ha Charly Musonda Jr Juega muy bien por Banda izquierda

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    Que bosta!!!

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    I have the feeling that we not getting any new players this summer … I just hope we do before el Classico

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    I am loving this!
    A big THANK YOU to whoever took him to the other team.

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    Bartomeu out!! They are not making any spending this summer!! and even saving some of neymars money!! Corrupt board !! Out!!!!

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    FC Barcelona

  13. Dybala mes que un club

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    Mesii pozz meee pliz

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    Eden hazard and Christian eriksen best choice for Barça

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    Latest new from mundodeportivo – Liverpool reject 100 mill for Coutinho! Well fuck it! let just get someone from La Masia then! All teams now are getting greedy after moneymar transfer! Well in 2009 Barca 6 titles with la Masia players so why not do it again!!

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    Fichen a Dembele no importa con 150 vale por los años que lo tendremos y bueno si se puede por menoa mejor pero es mejor condidato de coutinho o sea no hay ningun rol para el brasileño

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    I dont give a Fuck about this. What is going on with transfers????

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    looks for neymar

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    Please this video should be like 40 minutes, I can watch it all day long. VISCA BARÇA

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    Los qie fichan este verano son los mismo que ficharon a Gomes?? madre mía

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    I can see the treble I just know it

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    Abonné vous à ma chaîne

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    Abonné vous à ma chaîne

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    Fc Barcelona is shit

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    Life after neymar is promising but let's face it barca is weak this season

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    Cool fun training….now get your shit together and get ready for the el classico! we need to start this season right, if we want to win everything again! Valverde welcome to Barca – don't fuck it up!

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    Can't believe nobody is serious about Dybala.

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    أين كوتينهو و عثمان

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    Deulofeu stats
    U20wc 2013:
    2g – 1a – 10sog – 4gp

    Everton 2013
    3g – 3a – 6sog – 25gp

    Sevilla 2014
    1g – 4a – 6sog – 17gp, and a called up to His national team 1st time

    Everton 2015
    2g – 8a – 6sog – 26gp

    Ac Milan 2016
    4g – 3a – 16sog – 17gp, also making His 2nd cap for spain senior team, scoring against France.

    Total: 12goals, 20assists so far.

    Now "the Big one", Dembele, who I think broke into the spotlight in 2015

    Rennes 2015
    12g – 5a – 30sog – 26gp

    Dortmund 2016
    6g – 12a – 18sog – 32gp
    2gp for France, 0g.

    Total: 18goals, 17assists so far in His career.

    imo He's not that much better, He's just a bigger brand. I'd say get Courtinho instead, if not… Give Deulofeu the Neymar's role, and get a 20mil young winger to compete with Deulofeu, oooor you can get a back up from Barca B. Come at me plastic boys.

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    according to sources on twitter FCB hasnt received the money from PSG yet

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    Please don't sell Sergi Roberto

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    Its fun training oops wheres neymar

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    If Coutinho and Dembele are really comuing, since the first leg of the super cup is in 4 days …

  36. Bartomeu OUT!!!!!!!!!

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    Go psg couthinuo

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    You guys know Barca don't need any winger to replace Neymar right? We need a midfielder to replace iniesta, and we don't need someone with "potential". We need someone who is ready to fit right in the 1st team. Dembele isn't a good fit. Coutinho would be better since he can actually play both positions. Barca thrived over the years because we had the best midfield. Leave the attacking duties for Messi & Suarez. Just please FIX the midfield

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  40. وين الاعبين الجدد لا كوتينهو ولا ديبالا ولى عثمان ولا قدرتو تحسمو صفقه ليش البخل يا إداره برشلونا

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    Dembele + Coutinho and quick.
    We can't waste more time now, especially since money isn't the problem for us.

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