Playin Soccer: Train Yourself Series – Receiving and Turning Like Sergio Busquets!

Awesome Tip: Train Yourself Series – Receiving and Turning Like Sergio Busquets!

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    On the first Video Búsquets uses one foot to control with direction and use the opposite foot to pull back. But Instill love your videos

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    1. 2:15
    2. 2:55
    3. 4:15
    4. 5:30

  3. Reply

    Coach javi pls training alon turn messi

  4. Reply

    Hy bro i am zaksport i need how to play like lionel messi

  5. Reply

    please do Sergio busquets analysis please please please I beg

  6. Reply

    El Pulpo ❤️

  7. Reply

    do series of variation of player like Barcelona and show game like situations like you did for busquets and defenders like pique and forward like messi and than when your doing do a different series with a different club like Bayern münich or real Madrid

  8. Reply

    How old are you

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    Javi got all the Sergio Busquets clips from this video from Henrik Lehman https://youtu.be/GhgZXBoesX8 It’s a great video I watch often to learn and memorize the greatness that is Sergio Busquets

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    Topics: Defending.. Pressing vs Containing.. Pressure Cover Balance.

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    More vids!!!!plz!!!

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    I like barcas newest mid frenkie de jong that came from ajax. Dude is very young and a beast in the middle.

  13. Reply

    Brilliant! Well done, and thank you!

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    Love it! I can share with my HS girls. Voice over is better!! I like the final out to be live, though… Keep sending them!

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    Please do Toni Kroos

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    Can you do a kids training please

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    The only problem i have is i get anxious whenever i play under pressure and tend to mess up i dont know how to improve on that?

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    Speed of play improvement

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    I love these type of videos do more please!!! also maybe you could do some videos that use less equipment like just cones, balls and a goal because i know not everyone has the same amount of equipment

  20. Reply

    appreciate it !!! As always , great video man! Looks like you are ready for tomorrow then!

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    Can you do fitnsessdrills? (Football spesific)

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    Do a video for modric training

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    great video your content is great right now

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    Can you demonstrate any drills that teach how to receive turn and make a disguise pass in different variations the way Busquets does?

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    More midfield turn videos please.

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    Plz do some more videos of midfielders , thx for this one

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    Thanks again for another great video.

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    Nice vid. Been looking for a receive turn vid!!

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    Good video

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