Playin Soccer: Train Yourself Series – Injury Recovery and Balance

Awesome Tip: Train Yourself Series – Injury Recovery and Balance

The rest of the Train Yourself Series episodes:

Foam Roller:

Balance Disk:

Soccer Balls and Speed Ladder:

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    Coach Javi this was a quality sesh. Glad to hear that Train Yourself Series are back!

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    I am actually good at football to and thats why you are my favorit youtuber. And i Can’t believe that i am writing to you
    Right now

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    Very great explained video I loved this one thanks coach javi for everything you do. I play left back but my team has been lacking on forwards so these past two games I've have been playing forward Its pretty fun!

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    I had to do some of this, specifically the ladder variation to balance, just without and actual latter cause I had hamstring and back issues last year

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    Happy feet

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    I hope coach Javi recovers quick, we need him for the superliga!!!

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    I like these videos this way. I feel like we get more information when you’re in the background talking about each exercise. I was thinking maybe you could do some goalkeeping sessions..? Maybe? I don’t think you’ve ever done a goalkeeper one.

    • d7lee
    • February 19, 2021

    Definitely prefer this method of presentation. I like the voice overlay description method.

  8. Крутая тренировка

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    Oh Yeah Yeah

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    Good lord you saved me. I needed this badly. I pulled my hamstring last week and currently recovering. I’m not really gonna do much but I’ll start rehabilitation in 3-4 days. Since I’m a goalkeeper,do you think I should be doing the same exercises or do you have some extra exercises I could be doing during the week I get ready to get back on the field

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    Like this way better

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    You are the Best youtuber!

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    This is a very helpful video thanks

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    Love the vid

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    I love you!

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