Playin Soccer: Train Yourself Series – Episode 3 – Lace It Or Place It

Awesome Tip: Train Yourself Series – Episode 3 – Lace It Or Place It

In this episode, we go over some basic finishing concepts, more specifically how we strike the ball and the decisions we make in front of goal. Enjoy!

Jim Yosef – Can’t Wait Feat. Anna Yvette (Provided by NCS)

Jim Yosef

Anna Yvette


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    Why did you stop this series?
    It is great for people who don’t have someone to do drills with, will you please start it again.

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    How are so consistent?? Surley you used to be pro

  4. It is a great video. In addition, Javi Bautista, you are awesome !

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    I really appreciate your work good job javi☺☺☺☺

    • Kevin
    • February 10, 2021

    loved these! please if you can keep making them!

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    Is it possible to do a tutorial on how to hold off a defender and how to get good body position on a defender when you are receiving the ball?

    Great video! Your finishing is top notch

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    Great video!! Do you have any tips/drills for defenders? Love your videos keep it going!!

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    Why dont you have more subscribers? Great vid

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    Thank you for the video! Can you give us tips on how to quickly master with a weak foot or show us drills that will help? PLEASE!! keep it going men! I also subbed!

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    Wheres everyone??

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