Playin Soccer: Train Yourself Series – Defensive Stance and Jumping Headers

Awesome Tip: Train Yourself Series – Defensive Stance and Jumping Headers

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  1. What should we cover next on the Train Yourself series?

  2. Omg this is exactly what I need

  3. This must be Canada no ?’ Lol I smell North America
    Nice production and ideas
    Just need to get those more pro drills in the stable my man. They keep them secret but not too hard to find 😉

  4. Good tactic

  5. coach teach us how to do a perfect intercept training

  6. What is the balance thingy called that coach Javi used was stepping on? 1:01

  7. Love the content. I'm personally not a fan of vlogs, so this is the content I come here for. As an aspiring coach, you're goals bro lol. Keep up the great work

  8. You’re actually the first one I’ve seen that has uploaded a defensive video that works on aerial skills

  9. Good stuffs, Mate! I saw some curved runs in there! Good session. Keep sending em!

  10. Always I goes to team practice i get nutmeged like 3 or 4 times. Any tips?

  11. Coach Javier have you took the Coerver coarse if you have do you recommend it and what did you learn from it

  12. Center midfielders do that next session

  13. Thank you! There isn't a lot of training information for defenders

    • jmv
    • February 2, 2021

    Great Video can you do one for goalkeepers!? Keep up good work!

  14. Bro this channel is so underated. I learn A lot from coach Javi! Keep up the good work

  15. Hey coach Javi I play holding mid and sometimes on counters usually I will have two players on me and I try and cut off the passing lane but also stay in front of the player so he cant go by me. Issue is I still feel lost in that scenario and feel like Im out of position or something am I doing the right thing or should I just be stepping to the player with ball. Would appreciate some help.

  16. maybe do goalkeeping

  17. Do wingersss, por favor amigo

  18. اول

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