Playin Soccer: 💥 💥 TOP SKILLS & MOMENTS from Barça v Elche in the JOAN GAMPER trophy

Awesome Tip: 💥 💥 TOP SKILLS & MOMENTS from Barça v Elche in the JOAN GAMPER trophy

Enjoy the Top Skills and the best moments of Barça’s final pre-season tie ahead of the 2020/21 season at the Camp Nou in the Joan Gamper trophy against Elche.


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  1. Deberían fichar al portero del Elche, es muy bueno

  2. BartomeuOUT

  3. Barcelona have to play aggressively and press high in every game

  4. I would buy elche gk


  6. BARTOMEU & Ronald Koeman OUT NOWWWWWWW !!!!!!! Suarez & Messi Will Detroy Barca. I'll wait the day BARTOMEU & Ronald Koeman has kicked out.

  7. So fan of this attack

  8. Didn't Baltimore said he would resign if messi stayed
    So wtf happening here
    Why is he still here

  9. i dont know y fans are scolding barca for this kind of performance v elche lot of chances not taken from barca

  10. The only thing we’re struggling is defence . Please don’t buy or sell any midfielders or forwards. That’s a request

  11. Please new player for defence
    Araujo better of lenget

  12. bartomeu ooouuuut

  13. Perfect attaque

  14. Messi doesn't play's the game seriously

  15. let me assure you
    if neymar was present
    they would have to make a minimum of a 30 min video

  16. Bartomeo out out out

  17. Could you give away the original jersey of Pyjanic autographed by him

  18. Please someone kill Bartomeu

  19. It's great and all but……
    But dest and garcia
    Keep Puig
    Kick Bartemeou out

  20. Please, do us fans a favor and buy promising defenders..and don’t let puig go

  21. Well the team is not getting any speed and also they play the same as last season . Things have to change buy a good defenders because that's what barca needs now pique is not acting like a true defender . If Puyol was still a barca player then he would know what to do

  22. Ansu unreal

  23. Coutinho is at his very best

  24. Barça están fuera de juego si es un club español porque ni sustitulos en español

  25. Griezman es un jugador del montón, un jugador sobrevalorado. Cuando juega no hace nada y está todo el partido desaparecido. El barça lo tiene que vender ya!!!

  26. Mezraoui and donyell mallen and boadu and upamecano

  27. Coutinho is the best player in joan gamber

  28. Who felt like the elche goalkeeper was like way good?

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