Playin Soccer: ⚡⚡ TOP SKILLS and MOMENTS from Barça v Girona

Awesome Tip: ⚡⚡ TOP SKILLS and MOMENTS from Barça v Girona

After the 3-1 victory against Girona in Barça’s second pre-season friendly, Ronald Koeman’s squad are not lacking in ball skills! We got a wonderful taste of the great things to come!


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  1. Reply

    Coutinho so improve

  2. Reply

    Make araujo play more often instead of pigue..he's got talent don't ruin it like umtiti

  3. Reply

    so i wonder why koeman want to throw puig out

  4. Reply

    The kit had a good idea just a bad execution, I’d say just switch up the colors a bit

  5. Reply

    Are you faster in the other team

  6. Reply

    la musica de fondo pls

  7. Reply

    And barca want loan puig why dont they just loan koeman and the president

  8. Reply

    مرحبا ممكن تردد قناة على اي قمر تبث استرا19 ام الهسبسات

  9. Reply

    Wtf ruig puig is not in plains of coach ?

  10. Reply

    Un remix del himno del Barcelona sería la bomba

  11. Reply

    the dimunitive figure of Puig has its advantage mehn…Semblance to a Kante lol..Can disrupt opponent attacks and also play offensive …just need to add some strength and flesh and oohh

  12. Can you feel the energy?.. these young guys!!!

  13. Reply

    Good Start, Barca Keep it Up !!!

  14. Reply

    Trincao is playing very well

  15. Reply

    show us youtube gold play button

  16. Reply


  17. Reply


  18. Reply

    where can I see the line-up?

  19. Reply

    I want todibo to play tho

  20. Reply

    Coutinho is the best

  21. Reply

    Barca is going good

  22. Reply

    Thanks a lot for this lovely video.

  23. Reply

    Fcb has the brightest set of future players…..football lovers can see that

  24. Reply

    So nobody is going to talk about the Jersey

  25. Reply

    Top skills, Love and respect from Tondo Futbol Club, Philippines!

  26. Reply

    I pray who ever reads this becomes successful…

  27. Reply

    That defender is very good
    What's his name

  28. Reply

    Messi es DIOS!!

  29. Reply
  30. Reply

    ¿Queríamos juventud? Ahí la tenemos. Es una maravilla.

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