Playin Soccer: TOP 5 WAYS to PASS the Ball LONG, Long Passing Techniques

Awesome Tip: TOP 5 WAYS to PASS the Ball LONG, Long Passing Techniques

Learn to pass the ball long in soccer or football.

0:17 Side Volley Pass
1:45 Half Volley Pass
3:38 Low Driven Pass
5:03 Lofted Pass
6:39 Swaz Pass


Spanish Translation and Subtitling: Fernando – [email protected]

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    Who is the best Long Passer?

    0:17 Side Volley Pass
    1:45 Half Volley Pass
    3:38 Low Driven Pass
    5:03 Lofted Pass
    6:39 Swaz Pass

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    When you say rotate your ankle, what direction?

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    AllAttack is the best

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    Des es A,Haii Gott Pass

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    On youtube

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    I prefer all attack more than the boring unisport
    if u agree, than click like

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    I like your channel

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    i always use the first tip to strike…

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    You are the best all attack

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    Thanks really thank tu u

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    hi can you post a video to study roberto carlos free kick please

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    omg you are the best teacher of football you made me going on the way of pro you are afather of football bro

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    this is how many people subscribed to all attack
    straight up no lies

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    these vids are the best

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    I once did the swaz pass and was like what the frick I was doing the loft pass… they substituted me out in the next half

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    I was learn new new step of foot ball thank you

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    Who are from índia

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    Is it just me or does AllAttack always release a video exactly when you need it? Or even slightly before, but its still a new video?

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    nice stufff

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    You watching all atack

    • Omar
    • February 6, 2021

    Thank you so much you guys have taught me so much about technique and difficult situations can you do more dribbling and shooting techniques?

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    It's still difficult to swaz.

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    Mahraz please best skittles

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    When I every time hit the ball it curves and it makes me tensed….
    Can u make a video that how to hit a straight long shot

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    I tried it out and it was amazing!

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    Which country

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    please give Indonesian subtitles I am Indonesian I want to learn soccer

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    I like your ground ♥️♥️

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    this video is empresive

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    Can you add Korean subtitles..? And I always enjoy watching videos!

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    Hey! I am bigneer I want to some bigneers tricks to beat a defender

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    Where do u live in which country plz tell

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    knuckleball please

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    im from nepal and love you from nepal i need a coach like you. you are a pro you are a legend you are the man. i love you sir

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    Can i join all attack

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    man says swaaarrrrrrzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    like its swaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzz no offence

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    Please make Indonesia subtitle

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    bro. For goalkeeper please

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