Playin Soccer: TOP 10 Neymar Skill Moves

Awesome Tip: TOP 10 Neymar Skill Moves

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0:00 Intro
0:16 Roll Chop
0:59 Pull Behind and Go
1:48 Roll Top Meg
2:29 Off Back Leg
3:06 Drag ‘n Go
3:50 Shaky Leg
4:24 Neymar Rocket
5:13 Sombrero Lift
5:50 Lift Down the Line
6:24 Behind the Leg


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  2. 2:08 It's five o'clock.

  3. "3:28"
    Happy to get a lot of DIAMONDS from FF2.ONLINE

  4. I think the neymar rocket is called neymar flicks

  5. Cr 7 skill

  6. You should have put all of the moves in crazy skill

    • Niz
    • February 2, 2021


  7. I got the skills

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  9. I love Football

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  12. My son, if necessary, watches your channel only for skills…Thanks to u all

  13. dude ronaldo skills

  14. Now I am neymer lite good tutorial sir and….. Good Channel

  15. Vary good, Faz do Ronaldinho Gaucho, e do Ronaldo Fenômeno, sou do Brasil e I like Your chanal

  16. I don't know how to thanks for you because this skills improve for me

  17. This channel helped mee a lot…
    Lots of love from india..

  18. I like Neymar skill

  19. Nice skill

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