Playin Soccer: TOP 10 Most Viewed Barça YouTube videos of 2020

Awesome Tip: TOP 10 Most Viewed Barça YouTube videos of 2020

Have you seen them all? These are the videos that have had more views in 2020 on the FC Barcelona YouTube channel, in the year where we became the first …


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    If you liked this rewind, you'll probably like the rewind we did for our 10 million special ▶️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rg5wW_KoZ6c

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    • LM10
    • February 10, 2021

    Luis Suarez leaving was soo emotional . Why Koeman let him left.If El Pistolero was here this season we was about to be in 1 place

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    Vry good team mi ídol is ter stegen

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    The best team in the worl

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    Bring back Luis suarez

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    Plss i wud love to have a trial at barca academy in DUBAI for the youth team plsss i play right back and i am 14

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    Vive america et la france et israeil.

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    Koeman out

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    PLS, IF U CAN TELL COEMAN! HE CAN PLAY 4 3 2 1 OR 4 1 2 2 1!

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    Griezmann lárgate ya

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    Griezmann al carrer

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    Griezmann out

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    I don’t care if he leaves Barca

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    And i really want To meet him that’s my only dream

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    I love Messi i have all his shoes from when i was born plzzzzzz come to Texas plzzzzz

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    Cant get over that suarez left barca…..and now messi is on line(hope so not)

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