Playin Soccer: TOP 10 MESSI SKILLS to Beat Defenders

Awesome Tip: TOP 10 MESSI SKILLS to Beat Defenders


Spanish Translation and Subtitling: Fernando – [email protected]

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0:00 Intro
0:15 The Lift
1:00 Chop Cuts
2:10 Stop and Turn
2:52 Fake Shots
3:40 Double Cut
4:23 La Croqueta
4:54 The “L” Cut
5:54 Toe Poke Meg
6:43 Drop Your Shoulder
7:14 Referee Block


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    You face like messi

  3. Reply

    i naturally studied some of it is it me or anyone else

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    i naturally studied some of it is it me or anyone else

  5. Reply

    Messi fan

  6. Reply

    Messi and me are left foot

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    Messie breaks them ankle's

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    Fam messi has a huge brain how could I not think of this

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    Made a video of ronaldo

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    Your defender :- calm
    My defender :- Wakanda forever

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    It is important that how u use at the game.

  12. 2:56 remates Fake
    5:54 caño de puntin

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    Ive learned something whith your good foot it is more like a knuckle ball,curve and more weak foot power shot

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    Té ganaste un suscriptor

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    make top 10 Ronaldo skills

  18. please give one football

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    Definitely subscribe guys. I always share AllAttack videos to my soccer team group chat to help us improve to be better players!

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    When you realize that Messi doesn't use skills and tends to use close control more.

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    All of those "simple" skills from messi will become very difficult if you play with professional football players.

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    Am now a pro in school watching this video

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    I will bless everybody that reads this

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    Never ever give up

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    malayali indaa ivide

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    These are not skills these are GOD SKILLS!

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    im a noob

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    Me I became MORE consistince with ball when I'm dribbiling and a proper control of the ball

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    If you are watching this, you are the true fan of lionel messi!

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    Very nice

    • AERY
    • February 4, 2021

    When he said ..messi ? He is preety good …
    I was like wtf bro .. good? ..HE IS FUCKIN GOD !

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    Thank You For Making Video On Legend

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    I alaways play football ⚽️ with my friends they say I am the best defender

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    Guys at school I don't know how to play football but I watched this and thanks it will help

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    La croqueta aka Double touch…. simple but hard to master.

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    Ummm did you mean the best

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    Wow interesting …….One.

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