Playin Soccer: TOP 10: Messi from outside the box

Awesome Tip: TOP 10: Messi from outside the box

TOP 10: Messi from outside the box
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  1. Reply

    These video show from old to future that means he improves but if u see any Ronaldo dribbling video they r all when he was in Manchester lol

  2. Reply

    I thing the was in 2:15!!

  3. Reply

    Messi is best

  4. Reply

    Messi the greatest

  5. Reply

    please name of song used in the video

  6. Reply

    love u messi

  7. If you think that Messi is a legend #LionelMessifcb

  8. Reply

    where are long shot goals for argentina? ?

  9. Reply

    Where is the goal against Brazil? And the first against Milan in the 4-0?

  10. Reply

    King Messi!!!!!

  11. Reply

    How is the Espanyol goal not in here that shit was magical.

  12. Reply

    his legs need to be inspected..there s some gravity inducing shit going on…
    all those deflected balls come straight to his foot…

  13. Reply

    Good clips, terrible music.

  14. Reply

    Madridiots :but Messi can't score from outside the box

  15. Reply

    Beautiful goals!!

  16. Reply

    You missed the one against Copenhagen

  17. Reply

    Leo is the best player in history of football! King! <3

  18. Reply

    messi's goal verses ALMERIA 2015 4-0 and SEVILLE 2015 2-2

  19. genius

  20. Reply

    Would love to see just 1 overhead from Leo before he calls it a day

  21. Reply

    what about his amazing goal vs bilbao he scored from outside the box to.

  22. Oye sus dos goles de ayer faltaron. Es que son tantos que es difícil de escoger. The best of all times, sadly unlucky

  23. Reply

    Not the greatest yet

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    God the Lord of Israel bless you in the name of Jesus. Visca Messi

  25. Reply

    Messi is the best

  26. Reply

    dani 🙁

  27. Reply

    we are so lucky to witness the best player ever live in front of us, vamos king leo

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    Messi is my Idol

  29. Reply

    Messi is a Legend

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    Great music choice

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    Dude messi is so tricky did anybody notice at 1:00 he used two defenders from the other team to pass the ball back to him

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    messi is always the best player in the world

  33. Fantástic Messi Forever 10

  34. Love Barca

  35. Reply

    The goals against United and Bayern are and will always be my favourite <3

    • Tnok
    • March 9, 2021

    Dear Messi, I'm sure you must be awarded for the best player of century. You are a very precious football legend and nothing perfect is unexpected from you. I hope you will read this! ❤⚽❤

  36. Reply

    god of sports .

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    0:15 WTF is his teamate doing

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