Playin Soccer: Tic-tac-toe: Luis Suárez, Arda & André Gomes vs Rafinha, Aleix Vidal & Rakitic

Awesome Tip: Tic-tac-toe: Luis Suárez, Arda & André Gomes vs Rafinha, Aleix Vidal & Rakitic

See the Barça players sprint to the life-sized board and drop their X’s and O’s in a race to get three in a row! The second chapter!
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  1. Reply

    Lea Sardis adnan àmigo

  2. Reply

    This song why barca is better than real. They have fun

  3. Reply

    Hasta para esto es malo Gomez.

  4. Reply

    Suarez the cheater

  5. Reply

    Hasta para eso SOS malisimo Andrea verga un paquete SOS anda te del barca perro gomas

  6. Reply

    After this rafinha is injured :v

  7. Reply

    Traing sessions are fun

  8. Reply


  9. Reply

    André Gomes liandola hasta en los entrenos

  10. Reply

    Hayat size güzel amg…

  11. Reply

    Türk her yerde Türk 😀 Ulan Ardaa :D:D

  12. Reply


  13. Reply

    Turan 0:48 Hahahaha

  14. Reply

    André Gohomes's team can't win

  15. Reply

    Idiot Arda.

  16. Reply

    este si es un equipo

  17. Reply

    soy aime quiero que se quede messi para siempre en el fc Barcelona y quiero conocerlo yo y con mi novio en Barcelona

  18. Reply

    When is Messi gonna do the emojis. I am waiting so long for him

  19. Reply

    Guys Vidal is still injured this video was months ago Messi had blonde hair on this video

  20. Reply

    Basketball around the world challenge

  21. Reply

    Old video

  22. Reply

    arda very slow very

  23. Reply

    que alegría ver a aleix vidal corriendo! ya queda poco para volverlo a ver!

  24. Reply

    It would be great fun sharing with this team of note having fun

  25. Reply

    Rakitic needs more pace on FIFA

  26. Reply

    Animo Aleix! Get well soon!

  27. Reply

    They should've done MSN vs another 3

  28. Reply

    Regresa. pronto. aleix. vidal

  29. Reply

    this video is old

  30. Reply

    I'm crying

  31. Reply

    Gomes is even bad at tic tac toe

  32. Reply

    Gracias Vidal

  33. Reply

    Gomes Decision Making Under Pressure tho…

  34. eso lo jugaba en educación física en la escuela xD

    • Jp
    • February 9, 2021

    andre Gomes….Just WHYYYYYYYY.

  35. Reply

    que rápido se ha recuperado Aleix que bien

  36. Reply

    Animo Aleix!❤❤❤

  37. Reply

    isso é antigo galera

  38. Reply

    aleix vidal :'( !

  39. Reply

    good to see Vidal running again

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