Playin Soccer: Thursday mini-game ahead of Atlético clash

Awesome Tip: Thursday mini-game ahead of Atlético clash

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    Where's Coutinho?

  2. Reply

    Messi is going to score the most goals

  3. Reply

    Barsa is nice

  4. Reply

    Welcome back Dembele… hope he's fired-up and more focused

  5. Reply

    Team looks highly motivated

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    Best of luck barca

  8. Reply

    I'm like BASA

  9. Reply

    The Best Football Club In The World

  10. Reply

    ter stegen overrated

    • Spark
    • February 24, 2021

    Dembele we barca fans are with u and with Messi support for sure u will rise high

  11. Reply

    if they dont win i have to cry to ronaldo fan boy…

  12. سوف نسحق اتلتيكوو مضريط بعقر ديارهم. فيسكا برسا فاموس ارجنتينا بلتوفيق ❤❤❤❤

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    Why messi wears a change color than both others? I think he should play as others because this way players would know how to play with messi in your side and how to, when he is not

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    ❤️ Dembélé

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    suscríbete a mi nuevo canal si te gusta malcom, él es tan lindo, blac diamond

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    I love Messi

  18. Reply

    Coutinho? :(((((

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    training match was like gully football match in india

  20. Reply

    Riquí pui is amazing

    • Hafiz
    • February 24, 2021

    Munir. Denis Suarez. Rafinha all needs to leave Barca to get more playing time. Don't ruin your career sitting on the bench. Munir did so well at Alavez, he shouldn't have returned. Same goes with Rafinha. Should've pushed for a move to Inter. Denis Suarez needs to find a team that wants him.

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