Playin Soccer: Three Types of First Touches!

Awesome Tip: Three Types of First Touches!

We’re back! Three Types of First Touches in football and soccer!


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  1. Nibukele majita?

  2. how to do a biycycle kick

  3. Sir when I control the in air it left or right sir please about that plz plz

  4. Maja

  5. My all time favorite channel✍️✍️ deserves a grammy

  6. please any avialable acadamy please

  7. How to get form in matches

  8. 3:17 nice

  9. Thanks for the info. I will really use it in these games that I’m versing each other

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  11. football nerd

  12. Speak french

  13. 0:52, you have a phone inside your knee?

  14. Essential

  15. Just found these tutorials. Season starts in 2 weeks. Practising !

  16. How to get more speed on your stopovers

  17. show us ways to escape with a nutmeg/panna

  18. Iniesta is a master of effective body movements to turn with his first touch. He knows where the space is, and he always opens up his hips and body in the opposite direction of what space he wants to move into, that is: turn towards.

    It's not as much a fake as a move than should precede your every change of direction with the ball, when you're going for unbalancing the defender, rather than beating him on speed. Even on the elite level this is not a basic skill; it's mostly prevalent in wingers, but even some of these are not that good at it, relying more on speed. An example of the latter would be Sane; of the former, Hazard, Sterling is also good at it. Skill with the hip rotators is more devestating than dropping the shoulder, particularly with your back towards the other player, or when accelerating with inside-drags (a long sweep with the ball on the inside of the instep)–rather than inside cuts–past the defender. Open up those hips, go low, drag it from a little behind and to the side … it's devestating. I love to do it on the wing this way: 2-3 touches towards the defender, challenging him on his right foot (I'm dribbling from the left wing, btw). Take a small dummy (you may also call it a fake or a preparatory touch) towards the right, so that you shift his balance over to the left foot briefly, open up your hips to the space you don't want to go into (the right/cutting inwards), drag the ball which is at your right side with a long sweep of the foot and accelerate with the ball on the inside/left side of the defender, along the touchline. Then cross or cut in if you've gotten more than a meter on him.

  19. This is nerd Soccer at its best

    • Aman
    • February 2, 2021

    Nice Voice

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  21. Hey I am Cristiano Ronaldo

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