Playin Soccer: Three Essential Skills for Midfielders! | Positions

Awesome Tip: Three Essential Skills for Midfielders! | Positions

Three basic skills for midfielders, how to play midfielder in soccer or football!

— Receive the Ball —

Ball Control:
Three First Touches:

— Protect the Ball —

Shield the Ball:
Turns 30 day Training:
Maradona Spin:
Switching Feet:
Pull Behind Leg:

— Pass The Ball —

Straight Line Passing:
Driven Balls:


Far Out – Chains (feat. Alina Renae) [NCS Release]

Unknown Brain & Spce CadeX – Holding You (feat. Max Landry) [NCS Release]


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    Anybody know what is Episoketren System about? I hear a lot of people improve their soccer skills using it with this popular training program.

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    Show us some skills used in mini football

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    Thanks a lot ❤

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    You are the best it will help many other player who wanted to learn and improve.

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    really love ur tutorial beause I know how to play long shots mean but I need to learn the elastico

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    Wis h uou to be a football teacher or manager.Thanks

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    I love you!!!!!!!!!!

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    What did you delete

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    please any avialabe acadamy teama

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    So basically this is just a point gaurd in soccer (point gaurds are good at passing and dribbling

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    Plz sight back tutorial

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    The best chanel!!!

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    Nice l like me

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    Love it but I have one problem during the game.

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    Perfect. I add one. Kick from long distance

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    How to the wing play upload video

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    I think that the 244 dislikes were people who didn't know how to do that…..

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    This is a superb video which r steps taken to play for mid filed

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    Please show rabona tutoroal

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    Simple but informed I like that

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    This video is just a big channel promotion

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    I'm a Central Midfielder ( CM)

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    Very good training with example video thank u sir,

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    Lovely video

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    can you make 2 hour individual football training video

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    Midfielder shows Ronaldinho and Messi

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    sick video mate

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    Best channel of soccer!❤

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    Where did you learn your skill names?? I know the "Maradona spin" as a roulette and the "switching feet" as a croqueta

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    And for strikers?

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    Have play football.

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    I'm midfielder and your tips are very helpful

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    Midfielding isthe toughest job in football

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    1:08 allattack could have put the ball to the side which did and waited for his brother to come in and put the ball through his legs

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    I use switching feet loads of times

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    Damiii from nepal

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    What is the name of that soccer ball

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    Great video keep going

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    that 's really from tastes

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    00:55 que horribles medias

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    Made in midfielder

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    Nice that helped me alot but i wish for the best because tommorrow is my game and this time my team HAS TO WIN!


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    How to download

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    Please add the tactics of attacker

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