Playin Soccer: This Is What Your Weak Foot Should Look Like – D1 College Soccer Player

Awesome Tip: This Is What Your Weak Foot Should Look Like – D1 College Soccer Player


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  1. Reply

    Are you not at Gardner-Webb anymore?

  2. Reply

    Instead of a javelin throw challenge couldn't of you actually made it relevant by making it a throw in challenge using a football and not a javelin?

  3. Reply

    Is Isak from Norway or Scandinavia?

  4. Reply

    Doesn't matter what you do with your feet it is what you can do in a game

  5. Reply

    I have a lot of very talented friends that don't believe they can make it to the d1 level they just believe it's just too advanced

  6. Reply

    Im 17 and i just finished learning how to knuckleball with both feet

  7. Reply

    Where do you get that sport bra thing

    • Q
    • February 5, 2021

    sick vidddd. what camera gear do you use mate ?

    • Mats
    • February 5, 2021

    Spotter jeg IK start lue på begynnelsen

  8. Reply

    I’m ambidextrous so soccer is fun, i always impress coaches with my “weak” foot as im only 13 and one of the only player to have such a strong left

  9. Reply

    What’s a weak foot?

  10. Reply

    Your saying thats a left foot

  11. Reply

    Have you been going to the gym lately?

  12. Reply

    What's that vest that you're wearing?

  13. Reply

    Tell that to arjen robben

  14. Reply

    Dang my coach would be hella mad if we did this, it looks fun im gonna try it when he's not looking lmao

  15. Reply

    Which one is the weak foot?

  16. Reply

    You should probably work with a defender next . I would like to see that since I’m a CB myself

  17. Reply

    because any well rounded soccer player also needs to be an expert javelin thrower

    • Matt
    • February 5, 2021

    Skip to 3:24 and really see, each shot he nails it far post.

  18. Reply

    are you his personal trainer ?

  19. Reply

    Is he like you’re best player?

  20. Reply

    MATE! YOU'RE FROM CHICAGO!!!! 38° is a summer day lol

  21. Reply

    Your transitions are top notch mate! Love em!

  22. Reply

    That consistency!!

  23. Reply

    can u come to maryland ? its corrupt here . nobody believes they can make it. we need someone like u to help us . please coach javi.

  24. Reply

    What is the blue strip that is sometimes on Esok's thigh? I see it on Neymar and now him and I really want to know what it is.

  25. Reply

    He's good

  26. Reply

    Looks like he really likes his vapors, he has the new fire pack ones

  27. Reply

    “This Is *What* Your Weak Foot Should Look Like”

  28. Reply

    Coach what do you use to hang up all your cleats in your office?

  29. Reply

    Great video

  30. Reply

    love it

  31. Reply

    Liked before watching cause Ik it’s gonna be a great video

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