Playin Soccer: This Is What Your First Touch Should Look Like If You Want To Go Pro

Awesome Tip: This Is What Your First Touch Should Look Like If You Want To Go Pro

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    Very much speaking, you motivator not coach,right

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    Why do you only have 70k I have told all my friends about you and they all love your channel

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    How do you get one of those TITAN vest that he’s wearing

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    Hello Coach Javi, great videos – have you ever done a video explaining what equipment (camera's, editing software, etc) and methods you use for video capture and editing? What camera's do you use. thx

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    Why is Isak pro material? Not being snarky, I just don't see it and am not sure if the reference to 'pro' is a branding exercise or based on a set of stats / objective metrics?

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    i like the perspective from the side angle because you can see how far back his receiving foot goes after the first touch…shows how much speed he has to take off the ball in order to control it.

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    Want to see in real world

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    What’s that pdf for ??

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    Awesome stuff!

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    If that’s how your touch should look like then why are you not pro??

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    same with the chest.

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    Are you pro yet

  13. you are shit

  14. Why aren't you contracted anywhere?

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    Gained a new subscriber nice video

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    Coach Javi when are you holding a clinic out here in Seattle Wa.

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    I’m a 16 yr old center back and I want to take my whole game to the next level any tips,work outs

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    “Arsenal’s always at the top “ mmm top 4 yeah

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    Aye dope video liked it!

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    The level of organization on Coach Brad's desktop just made my day.

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    Ohh love Your editing towards the end

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    Love these titles…keep these going

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