Playin Soccer: This Is What Coaches Do At The Biggest Coaching Convention In The United States

Awesome Tip: This Is What Coaches Do At The Biggest Coaching Convention In The United States

The United Soccer Coaches Convention was a great time. We will be attending next year’s in Chicago.

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    Philly has always been on my bucket list. Glad to have been able to go! The convention happens once a year. There is over 10,000 coaches that attend!

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    Only one to make it to block 4. Where's my TOCA Highlight Video?

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    that opening is an oscar winner, absolutely beautiful

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    sick man! let's connect! – https://www.instagram.com/djdiveny/

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    I got couched by abundis from toluca

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    you really had us staring at a bridge for 40 whole seconds, complete with suspenseful music that didn't have to do with anything, I thought he was about to show us a movie or something

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    Coach Javi, mate where are the Sunday league footage bring those blogs back brother! Cheers

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    Hey coach Javi, Mexican-to-mexican, you know how mexican mom's can be, and she got a call from a person from NCSA to finish my recruitment process. She is SUPER skeptical about this, how do I tell her the NCSA is a trustable organization?

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