Playin Soccer: This Is One Of The Biggest Problems In Youth Sports

Awesome Tip: This Is One Of The Biggest Problems In Youth Sports

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    Thank you so much, my wife and I needed this. We attended a tournament this weekend and it was a total shit show. We realized that we have lost our trust in his club coach and we need to find a new program. Thanks again

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    Sir where do you located

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    Somehow missed this video, but totally agree. I feel blessed to be coaching and teaching in a community where I've somehow managed to gain the trust and respect of parents, and have so far received tons of support. Moving back to the rural south was tough for me, but being able to work with families from low-income neighborhoods that are fairly ostracized from 'pay-to-play' clubs or decent organized teams has given me something positive to focus on developing while here. I only hope a few of these kids will understand how talented they are and ride it to a college scholarship. Thanks for the training vids and inspiration!

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    What age groups do you coach?

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    I’m on the second best team in the country for us youth soccer we went to nationals and finished second I got best 11 however so I’m looking forward to going d1 and hopefully pro you should come watch us when we go to nc for national league reply back for the schedule

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    Hey Coach Javi I'm like highly interested on how to became a D1 coach or how you made it. I barely started watching you and as Mexican/Latino it's just fascinating to hear your success story's since I feel like I can relate to what you pursued as a career

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    Your players have a diet or they eat anything they want like chips , fast food ?

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    ViVa mexicoooo

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    Ame saludos desde uruguay

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    great speech.

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    I relate

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    Amazing words man ❤❤

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    Great video man! Lots of parents are ruinning their kids and they dont realize it!

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    Parents always want for their children to succeed, but they forget to allow them to learn and trust their coach. It's really easy to sit on the sidelines and holler instruction to your kid, but it not only undermines the coach, it keeps the child from learning the game on their own and develops a need for the child to receive instruction rather than make their own decisions. Setting parent expectation early is really important as is having a parent on the sidelines who is willing to, calmly, remind parents not to coach.

    • P J
    • February 8, 2021

    Coach- I needed to hear this message. I have a good relationship with my son's travel coach but probably have, at times, been overly involved in his soccer progress. Coaching is in my DNA and I very much enjoy it, but need to balance trusting our coach (which I really do), with my own vision and drive to see my son continually improve…thanks for the gut check! fyi- my son digs your content and I hope to get him to one of your clinics/camps one day soon (we are about 1 hr from D-town so it's a little hike but will keep checking for an opportunity). Funny enough, he was hoping that you coached the Detroit FC's 09/U10 boys that we played recently here in our area (think it was Adam who led the team…nice guy anyway). Good luck with this growing venture!

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    I saw u. U were coaching one of ur teams. Shoulda said hi

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    Hey coach Javi in your opinion what do you believe is the most important for teaching a 6U team? I feel like they are having fun in our practices but when we do a little scrimmage they seem kinda lost… any advice or tips?

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    Can you make a video on how to get noticed in high school? As a sophomore, I am kind of looking at college and professional so I would love to look to you for guidance. My team is probably going to win league in Aurora, CO so we are a good team but I want to go that step farther.

    • O I
    • February 8, 2021

    Man, I miss club soccer. Can’t believe I had to stop playing to go work at a ware house from 7am to 7pm to help my family. I’ll be back next year though, for sure! #junior college product !

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    Coach Javi is the best coach on yt life if u agree

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    Any free events you know about that happen in southern California

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    Good stuffs, Coach! I LOVE the message of the speech. I talk to all of my parents before games begin to set the expectations of the team, and of parent behavior. You gotta do it!! Do you ever check out Brian Barlow’s Offside FB page? Looking forward to more great stuffs from you!!

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    What a speech man Coach. Good you start them young I had to start on my own, freshman year but im currently division 1 and a senior. I dream of playing in college but hope is just fading

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