Playin Soccer: Thierry Henry: "Sometimes I ask myself if Messi is human"

Awesome Tip: Thierry Henry: "Sometimes I ask myself if Messi is human"

Former FC Barcelona player Thierry Henry has always been passionate when it comes to Barça. The French striker enjoyed a wonderful spell at the club, and especially in the 2008/09 season, when he joined forces with Samuel Eto’o and Leo Messi in an attack that won all six major trophies and wowed the world with some of the finest football ever seen.

He still keeps a close eye on events at the Camp Nou and is thoroughly looking forward to February, when the other club closest to his heart, Arsenal, meet the Catalans in the Champions League. Speaking to Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.com he was particularly gushing with admiration when the name of Leo Messi came up. “All we can do is enjoy what he does” he said. “Because what he’s doing is not normal … We used to say that a player who got 23-25 goals in a season was an incredible striker. But Messi does that in three months”.
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    Thats solo goal against bilbao….

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    I love cristiano but i also accept that messi is G.O.A.T, why do people think that the player they like has to be the best?I am cr7 guy, i like his mentality and personality i absolutely adore him for who he is. Leo is god gifted he is the best ever, period

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    Henry was humbled by CR7 in the Premier League. He simply hates the player who has shot most goals in La Liga, in the Premier League, in the Champions League and on and even won the Ejuropean Championship with a small country like Portugal. Messi is a legend but internationaly has won nothing with Argentina, nothing! He fails in the Argentinian dress, that is a fact. So Henry should be a Messi dress and wear it at home.

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    Man I never paid attention to that but that's hard to do what Messi did against Malaga during the 2 touches in one move with his left he never step with his right before the 2nd touch at this speed that s impossible to do From distance it seems an amazing goal but that s more than amazing and that s what Henry seen through that some didn't see it like that

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    Henry what a player he was,I remember his goal against Man UTD

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    Messi always focus in the game,he don't panic, well miss sometimes,sacrifices most time for his team mades ,the team ,

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    Titi plays with zizou too, but i never heard in any interview he talks about him.

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    This translator guy sucks

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    3:02 he's talkin about the impossible dribble. on the second touch any normal player would have to put his left foot on the floor and dribble with his right. messi chops it with impossible balance

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    Stop with this BS.of course Messi is Human .

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    To be honest and clear the key difference between messi and Ronaldo is that cr7 has played in 3 different league's English Spanish and now Italian and he scores and still has more goals achieved than messi so what does it means he is the hardest training dedicated and bla bla bla? He is overall the best player only for this reason! messi is great yes is talented yes but he is more creative player than cr7 he makes the game not only scores so lionel plays only with Barca it suits for him this league we will never learn how messi would be if he ever changed league still both are great

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    Messi is just so unbelievably fucking insane

  13. Like who is messi's fan

  14. Reply

    Titi the gunnar. ..i love Hagi.,Messi, Henry and Rivaldo…For live

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    Important for Neymar to stay – saddest comment ever

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    Messi in that Malaga goal showed the laws of physics don’t apply to him haha

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    This guy played with the best, and he played against the best but you can tell he is in absolute awe by how good Messi is. People don't understand how difficult those two in one touches are to do. He did something similar to boateng and he fell like he got shot in the head by deadshot and Messi confidently chipped the world best goalie with his weaker foot at an angle. I have been a soccer fan for 20 years and watched great players. When these players do something amazing, I am blown away but I always knew the tricks, movements are all in the realm of possibilities but just difficult to execute during a match. But when I watch Messi do something just beyond explanation, I begin to question the laws of physics. It's like they don't apply to him. Most times I'm like "does nature allow us to do that?".

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    It says he enjoyed a wonderful spell at Barcelona

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    Podriais haberlo dejado en español y poner subtitulos en ingles

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    Yes, but Messi is nothing compared to the Almighty Jesse Lingard

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    Henry said Messi was human half the time, but Pele was a full time Alien.

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    What a boring translator ever. Very uninspiring and unenthusiastic..Boring..boring

    • Karl
    • February 7, 2021

    Just use subtitles. Voiceover is very distracting. Also; hundreds of millions of people understand Spanish just fine.

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    Messi. Neymar. Suarez. Three sons of beautiful mother South America

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    The translator sounds like an imitator of a British Obama

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    Thierry Henry. Biggest cheat, ask the Irish.

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    Normal striker = 3 years 100 goals
    Messi = 1 year 91 goals

    He is not human

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    Henry get your tongue out his ass cause Messi is only a dribbler that's it .. he is a pussy that's why he left Argentina scared … he is like a baby for Barcelona

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    Messi es el mejor de todos los tiempos pero el 18 lo tendría que seguir sacando para afuera. Aflojó cuando vió que llegaba el central.

  29. Reply

    I never realized Henry was such a class act. I know he was an incredible player.

  30. Reply

    Messi makes me cry with joy. GOAT

  31. Reply

    This guy is pure class

  32. Reply


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    You can’t really explain what Leo is doing. You can’t explain it, you just have to admire it, enjoy it…. because what he’s doing… idk it’s just not normal.

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