Playin Soccer: The world of sport pays tribute to Andrés Iniesta

Awesome Tip: The world of sport pays tribute to Andrés Iniesta

Andrés Iniesta is a football legend, and his natural game has long been admired by team-mates and rivals. From Van Gaal, the coach for whom Iniesta made his debut in the first team, to the likes of Buffon, Henry and Lineker, everyone wants to wish Iniesta well as his time at FC Barcelona comes to an end.

To honour a unique player, the Club asked a multitude of personalities from the worlds of football and sport to define what the man from Fuentealbilla means to them. The #Infinit8Iniesta campaign and this video, issued during the institutional act of farewell to the player, is the result of the admiration towards Barça’s infinite No.8.

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    I wonder when Messi retires

  2. Reply

    Heart warming videos
    I have ever seen about football ❤

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    Love love love

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    Just Don Andrés Iniesta what else to say

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    Greatest Of All

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    Ronaldinho Xavi Puyol Eto'o Van Gaal Luis Enrique Koeman Guardiola Abidal Rijkaard Pedro Touré Mascherano Neymar Thiago Alcantara Ramos Del Bosque Lineker Casillas Henry Ribery Buffon Totti Bellerin Bartra Pirlo De Bruyne Jupp Heynckes Nedved Lopetegui Martinez Nadal Marc Marquez Tiger Woods. Can't remember the name of the others, but all those stars paying tribute to Iniesta is heartwarming.

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    No one has been able to replace you until now. living legend, miss you in barca 🙁

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    August 2020 I am in tears now

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    I do not agreed Xavi to be in the shadow of Iniesta. They can be called Barca tweens. But anyway, i can`t pretend for the far past of this game, but for the last 50 years there are maybe few/several great midfielders. Also is complicated to categorize what skills is most importand for the midfielders. Nono, not gered midfielders, legendary midfielders. I will mist someone but lets try – Xavi, Iniesta, Zidane, Toti. I think there was more than 10 great midfielders like Pirlo, Scholes, Del Piero, Figo, Beckham, Ronaldinho, Cruyff, Laudrup, Hagi, Rijkaard. The later Maradona also was midfielder. Messi too.

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    Besides his world cup goal against my country in 2010 he has had a perfect career!

    Truly i can call it a Legend ❤

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    No matter how many I've watched, I've never left without tears.

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    Miss him every day. Xavi and iniesta can never be replaced

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    Andrés Iniesta. Jogador fantástico fora de série

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    Players from academy is always special for every club,, barca had an amazing group with xavi, Iniesta, mesi, busi etc.. I am so happy for my beautiful club atletico,,, koke Saul Partey Costa as well as gimenez they carry the passion of atletico,, there will be always big money signings but they are nothing like academy players…

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    There may be De jong , Arthur ,but there will never be a player like Iniesta…

  19. If you do not know football, please at least “DO NOT DISLIKE”

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    Today would be 50th time I'm watching this. Always an inspiration !

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    Those who hit unlike button are brainless who can hate iniesta such a loyal and kind player???

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    They call me iniesta

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    Yes have to agree a simply amazing footballer all round good guy too no other player has the respect and admiration that INIESTA has from everyone he was a joy to watch over the years along with xavi and barca's other wonderful players

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    You really can't hate Iniesta

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    Te amo Iniesta❤️

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    You hate iniesta, that means you hate football!

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    2:30 Eto'o cuanta razón, que injusticia ese balón de oro de 2010.

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    Busi is the only player left in our dream midfield

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    Legends never die!! Thanks from a holland fan!

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    Thr most respected player of all time

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    Pure Goosebumps!❤️ Don❤️

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    Creo que era en el 2005 o 2006, me lo encontré en n verano en NY y siendo madridista igual me lo acerque y le dije que era el mejor en su equipo y ese equipo tenía a Ronaldinho pero tanto Messi y el no han explotado… tenía pelo aquel entonces y nos tomamos una foto. Nadie lo notaba cuando estaba por ahí pero Rikjaard lo sacaba cuando el barca se atoraba y el era el revulsivo…. pedazo de futbolista en ese momento y pedazo de futbolista hoy mismo…. que le venga lo mejor en Japón … -con mucho cariño madridista

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