Playin Soccer: The world champions logo is in place on the FC Barcelona shirt

Awesome Tip: The world champions logo is in place on the FC Barcelona shirt

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  1. Anyone here in November 2020.
    Ahh the good times when we ruled the world, now we mid table in ma liga.

  2. bartomeu out

    • Tasty
    • February 11, 2021

    Y’know you’d think that the FIFA Club World Cup would be in fifa games being, y’know, FIFA…

  3. omg i think i have like club worldcup badge fetish whenever i see that i feel like imma be crazy and my heartbeating is so fast

  4. Liverpool FC

  5. Please give me,1 Barsolona Jarsey set

  6. whaaaaaaaat

  7. I want that badge back! I miss it!

  8. como madrilista me gusta la camiseta y doy like pero me gusta la azul con todos los parches de la Champions y el parche de Campeones del Mundial de Clubes 2015

  9. Where is that Badge being stuck? Name of the place?

    • Werf
    • February 11, 2021

    Oh my god

  10. Where can I buy a legit messi jersey with the Fifa world champion logo?

  11. How can I get the shirt with that logo on it?

  12. I bought one of these recently and with one wash the logo is starting to go away and I bought it in Barcelona in the fc botiga mega store what can I do??

  13. when are this jerseys coming out?if they are out, can someone please send me a link

  14. Beautiful

  15. alguien me puede decir donde conseguir la camiseta con este parche y los de la champions?

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