Playin Soccer: THE ULTIMATE SHOOTING DRILL | Score More Goals!

Awesome Tip: THE ULTIMATE SHOOTING DRILL | Score More Goals!

How to score in soccer or football? Learn to shoot! Improve your finishing, and become great at shooting, by practicing this drill every day! We call it, Strike Zones


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    best channel best editing keep it up bro

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    Find it funny how the first two goals were against Chelsea

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    How to get the football net bro

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    How am I doing. I'm 6 years old I'm learning soccer I watch your videos

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    3:47 I don't think calves are supposed to look like that

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    Hey all attach I’m a goos player but the pressure gets to me and I miss really bad any tips on how to not choke under pressure

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    Best Football channel

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    Can i play football matches after joining all attack

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    Can i join all attack

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    Th will i have 5 footballs?
    Just a joke guys I'm not being offensive please don't sue me

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    Thanks informasinya games..from indonesia

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    Video is very good i also try steps my sir has tell this is very good stunts and how to stop and where you have tell very good

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    I’m the captain of my team in my school, but I need a little more training like that, this can help me shoot better in free kicks sometimes and in each corner, when I practiced curve, I was almost a beast by doing that and I almost made a olímpico goal, so thank you for doing this video, and If you can, can you make a video of doing knuckleball tutorial for those who need it , and thank you for those tutorials, I’ve increased my range and I’m almost a beast playing this sport, I just need more training, so thanks for doing those tutorials.

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    Pls can you make a video of knukleball

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    i subscibed love soccer

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    This is a very best channel

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    But if nobodies pass to me but pass tu friends

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    You got nice skills

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    How to improve shots from weak foot

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    please teach us how to aim on a target

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    0:25 Mahreeezzzz!!!!

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    Great video always. Thanks 🙂

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    Rlly how do you guys film this I wanna know

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    It‘s called FOOTBALL!!!

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