Playin Soccer: The Ultimate Midfielder! | De Bruyne Breakdown

Awesome Tip: The Ultimate Midfielder! | De Bruyne Breakdown


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    Moral of the day

    Pass to leroy sane

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    KDB is bast midfielder

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    Live to see more of these breakdowns with an emphasis on the skill needed to make the move/play

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    Please teach me Brazilian rainbow flick

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    can yo make about skill of de bruyne

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    can u involve skill defender and they improvement program pls

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    Physical Fitness For Soccer Video

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    why u r not uploading new videos

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    and also to do offside trap

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    hi all attack can u make a video of how to play counter attack?

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    do something a thousand people are waiting

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    did you stop making videos

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    You produce great videos but not consistently, you should atleast make a video every week.
    I like your channel and check it every 3-5 days and gets disappointed every time!

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    Bro why u r not upload new videos plz upload new videos I really want ur videos

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    Hey I am watching your videos and practicing lot but I don't have good boots and my boots are torned please help me

  17. A Header tutorial plz plz plz

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    Brother play small area football match make video tips

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    Bro i love this channel this made me best player of football in class

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    make a tutorial video on cr7 el tornado

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    Next video???????

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    amazing video

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    Great content, may I ask what kind of camera do you use to film your drills.

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    Plzzzzzz upload videos often

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    Pls, make a video about defending.

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    Can you do a video of how to play like Pogba

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    make more video showing us to do more skills

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    teach us how to do rabona or a kunckle ball . i really follow your vedio.tnx

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    Please do a knuckleball tutorial

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    Instep kick with ultimate power

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    Hey please instep kick tutorial

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    Do a tutorial on how to aim

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    How to do cr7 no Look pass tutorial

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