Playin Soccer: The Truth About Becoming A Division 1 Coach – Advice For New Coaches

Awesome Tip: The Truth About Becoming A Division 1 Coach – Advice For New Coaches

Hey guys, hope you like this week’s Stoppage Time Sunday video! Feel free to write down your suggestions for next week’s video down below in the comments!

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    Hey guys, hope this helps some of you in your coaching journey! What should I talk about next week?

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    This was very helpful! Im a college student, wanting to be a track coach and would love to know if your major helped you become a coach today

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    How do you form/think of tactics and then implement that to your team.

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    Thought this was actually American College Football Coaching not soccer Coaching

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    bro i am from india can i do a uefa coaching license course. what is the eligibility and age limit.

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    Hi coach. I am soccer coach could I contact you please

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    Nothing personal but USAs colleges have really small to real football. Greetings from Europe

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    I took some dietician and nutrition classes don’t know if this benefits more etc ..

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    Do popular training program like Episoketren System really work and if so, how effective are they? We've heard many awesome things about this popular training program.

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    Great insight Coach Javi.

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    I went to St. Ambrose!

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    I spent three seasons as a D1 assistant women’s soccer coach. Before coming on staff, I had only two seasons of high school soccer coaching experience, which ended 5 years before joining the college staff. There were two major things that I found in getting in to coaching at the college level. 1.Understand that this is the highest level of college soccer out there and the top of the college pyramid, meaning everyone else is gunning for your spot. We had several volunteer assistants who where let go because they weren’t able to withstand the grind of D1 coaching. You must be relentless in everything you do…scouting, recruiting, long days with little to no sleep, organization(transportation, hotels, even uniform and equipment management), and of course learning as much as you can from your mentoring coaches and coaching education while completing as many coaching courses as possible.
    2. You must be ready to take risks and pay dues. I did not know the coaches on staff(though the other assistant coached several of my high school friends in college) and I had to email the coaches and meet in person with them once they never responded to give them my resume. I wasn’t paid for the first two years and spent much of my first season as a team manager of sorts. Wasn’t til my second season I was allowed to run warmups and discuss lineups, and third season to run group and individual training. In the end, if your passionate about the game, and willing to sacrifice time, energy, financial security, you’ll be on the right track. Moral….sometimes you just have to ask.

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    Would you say its a balance of social skills and strategy? Only being a playbook wiz cant be good enough to penetrate the hearts and minds of the players. Probably a dumb question, but just wondering what everyone else thinks

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    Lesson 1 …OH AND THE ONLY LESSON….have friends who are Coaches at an academy …Being a coach in football has and always will have fuck all to do with MERIT its all about nepotism and who you know ..NOT ..WHAT YOU KNOW ….Dont waste your money on courses thinking you will get somewhere..YOU WONT ..FACT !!!! Be the best coach at grassroots you can… its never a career choice !!!

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    Do you need a college degree to coach d1 or just lincense, and a lot of experience ?

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    What was your college degree?

  17. I live in England but this will still hope I volunteer at a club

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    Ashland Eagles?

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    I wanna be a college football coach

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    Hello ., i’m médical doctor here in México., i live in the border with texas , i already took the grassroots certification in Mcallen tx but the certification was made with the universidad del fútbol Pachuca, my question is if i have any chance to work as a Coach being foreign person , after pass all the levels?

    • ATS
    • February 1, 2021

    Will this help me get into European coaching

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    Javi, I am friends with the coach of Herkimer college. I had read about colleges looking for coaches to have masters degrees. My friend at Herkimer confirmed that. What are your thoughts on that?

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    Ay my coach Froilan said he knows you, he also went to Ashford and now he is coaching us, He also told us about your camp on the 23rd. I'll see you there.

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    Hey Javi, I coach club level and my goal ultimately is for my kids to get into college and continue their passion of the sport, I currently use Gotsoccer to track and analyze the team but are there resources you would suggest to help educate myself and the players?

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    Thank you for the video. It was good information it helped me understand what I need to do to become a coach. I'm 20 years old and this is the career path that I want so this was very helpful. All of your videos have been encouraging for me. If I never came across your videos I would probably still be deciding what I want to do. But you gave me a great example of what it would be like to fallow my Passion. Not only that it reminded me of my passion for the sport.Thank you great videos man saludos!

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    Show some love to your Youtube Senior Advisor with some Caravan Fabrics Lol

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    Is it cool if you can post highlight videos back when you played in college? It was exciting to have watch that first clip of you in the start of the video

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    Yes! Love it. Thank you much. I just earned my D license early this year. Looking to get my C next year sometime, but also looking at a masters in sports management. I appreciate the advice. Keep doing GREAT things! Need to see some table tennis… Chanfle??

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    What major did you take in college?

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    Defensive philopsophies

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    Great information Javi!

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    Keep up the great work been here since 1-2k

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    I’m a big fan!!!

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