Playin Soccer: The TRUTH About Becoming A Better Soccer Player – Full Training Session – PLUS GIVEAWAY!

Awesome Tip: The TRUTH About Becoming A Better Soccer Player – Full Training Session – PLUS GIVEAWAY!

Just wanted to share my thoughts and provide you guys with a training session since I haven’t done one in a while. Also, giveaway is live so make sure to submit your videos soon! Enjoy!

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    • MeKa
    • March 2, 2021

    I'm so happy i found this video. I've been looking for game strategy like this because that's what I'm always thinking of is when to play easy and when to be creative. Love it! Ty!

  1. Reply

    Why voit?

  2. Reply

    Hey coach Javi , I was looking through your college . And I love it . I am a 2020 graduate . That attends at a early college high school . I was wondering if I can get in contact with you .

  3. Reply

    Coach Javi it would really help if you put reps and sets under the exercise! Thanks

  4. Reply

    Why did you retire you look sooo younggg

  5. Reply

    I subscribed as soon as I saw those Voit balls.

  6. Reply

    The grass looks too tall to roll the ball.

  7. Reply

    What cleats do you ware I like them thire black out

  8. Reply

    Dude whats up with your subscribers?? You got my sub!

  9. Reply

    left foot is looking rough coach

  10. Reply

    Coach Javi how do you get over a mental block and speed up the thought process on the field?

  11. Reply

    Where do you coach at?

  12. Reply

    Great video, best soccer training YouTube channel!!!

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    Thank you so much for all of these videos, they are a really big help. I was wondering if maybe you could make a video giving the best drills for strikers or something along those lines?

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    you choose to get more touches with ur dribbling drills right? there's 2 variations both you and my coach do the one you did, but arjen robben says to take less touches to go faster on adidas game day plus. what are the benefits to each?

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    That Chanfle jersey on the back tho very cool!!! One of my favorite movies!!! Great video coach Javi!!!

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    Excellent session…

  17. Reply

    Where are u based out of? What state?

    • jr
    • March 2, 2021

    yeah you have to play simple

  18. Reply

    Great job coach!!!! Keep up the great videos. I really enjoy the knowledge you kicked at the end. You are absolutely correct sir!!

  19. Reply

    Congratulations on 5k!!!!

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