Playin Soccer: The Training Videos Are Coming Back!

Awesome Tip: The Training Videos Are Coming Back!

Hope you guys like the good news!

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    Hey guys! I hope you’re as excited as I am about the training videos coming back! Which leads me to my question for today! Do you prefer the vlogs or the training videos?

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    Dude let's see a soccer jersey collection? I think that would be dope or old cleats you use to have and memories from your childhood?

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    Hey Coach,
    Love all your content. I've been subscribed for a long time and would say your intuition is spot on. The training videos are the TRUTH my friend. Great for players and coaches. It's exciting to see your growth as a content provider here on You Tube and also as a Coach. Look forward to every upload!

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    Good luck

  5. Reply

    Good luck Koloko !

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    Can you make training vidoes for defenders?❤

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    good luck Koloko.

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    I remember subscribing at 7k subs 🙂

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    Caravan fabrics

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    I love the vlogs keep them coming

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    Bro! I enjoy your vids! I didn’t came here just for the training vid your videos are awesome and keep my day going thanks carnal keep it up

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    Very nice video Coach Javi! the best of luck to Koloko!

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    Coach Javi, NPSL or PDL witch is better and could you talk about both in one of you videos

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    Definitely like both! Good luck to your man in the pro’s. I’m pumped to see some of the old training vids back online! Keep doing your thing, mate! Loving it!

  15. Day in the life of coach javi and training vids are both cool

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    Great video mate glad to hear that the training videos are coming back.

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    I am gonna be in Chicago the weekend of the 30th and 31st is there a chance we can meet up and train or something like that

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    Vids are too good

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    Open a PO Box so we can send you some Truth!

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    Are You going to Siberia? change this hat immediately! 🙂 in fact, this hat isn't useful for hair

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    How much goal shot netting and where can I find it?

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    And good luck koloko

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    Can you please answer I have something important to talk to you about?

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    Coach Javi I made your rebounder and it only costed me $116 CDN. Im pretty satisfied with it, pretty crisp passes and good bounce passes. Just too loud when passing and heavy, but overall I love it and its pretty cheap too

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