Playin Soccer: The Tactics Corner – Arsenal vs Chelsea EFL Cup Semifinal 1/24/18 – Match Analysis

Awesome Tip: The Tactics Corner – Arsenal vs Chelsea EFL Cup Semifinal 1/24/18 – Match Analysis

Welcome to The Tactics Corner where Coach Bradley Morrison walks you through his analysis of the Carabao Cup semifinal between Arsenal and Chelsea, a match that ended in a 2-1 victory for the Gunners. If you liked the video, please consider subscribing as well as leaving any suggestions for future Tactics Corner episodes!

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    Hey guys, how did you like this episode of The Tactics Corner? Comment below which match you would like Coach Brad to break down next!

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    Chelsea were lacking the firepower (especially after willian comming off) and no Sanchez made them less predictable (as with Sanchez everyone used to try to find him), Arsenal's both goals were by deflection but they deserved that luck

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    Arsenal was lucky with first and second goal both
    1st goal- 3 players were with ball during 1 second ( Monreal, Alonso, Rudiger ) then goal
    2nd goal- 3 players were with ball during 1.5 second ( Lacazette, Rudiger, Xhaka ) then goal
    Antonio definitely wasn't luckiest player in this game 🙂
    what is possible to do during 0.3 second? ( even for top level players ) as you can see, you should, but you have only 0.3 second, that's why these 2 goals were luck 100%
    Chelsea scored working goal and crucial factor was when Arsenal players gave to Kante 4 second ( he receved the ball then acceleration and quick pass ) he had 4 seconds only, but it's too many for soccer
    and funny moment with Eden, sometimes it happens when you try to find 7th or 8th speed your front axle can switch on unexpectedly 🙂

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    GREAT stuffs right here. I love this! I could watch these all day. Please continue to make more just like this. Pick any game every week!! Thank you!! Fantastic, Coach Brad!

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    This is brilliant mates!! Keep them coming

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    Man city

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    It promotes soccer entertainment

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    Do how Mexico can compete in the World Cup by analyzing some of their past games like the one against Germany or Chile or something like that

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    What do you analyze in the game? Advise for a player to learn to analyze and learn the game better, thanks Coaches.

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    Make more!!

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    Awesome series, I would love to watch a segment of tips on how to apply these tactics to the games you coach/ play in

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    Would love to see a Barcelona game coach! Keep up the quality content!

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