Playin Soccer: The Reality of Being a YouTuber

Awesome Tip: The Reality of Being a YouTuber

Thanks for 100k. I love you all.

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    Something a bit different, but I hope you like it. Shoutout to YouTube and thank you all for helping us get to 100k!

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    i m watching you from Croatia

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    Congrats! 0 subscribers on Vimeo though.

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    Awesome Coach! Awesome content!!! Keep up the hard work brother!!

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    Great thumbnail Javi!

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    Very cool! Looks like you had fun and learned some to craft/trade secrets. I already love your channel and what you stand for. I look forward to seeing how you grow the channel. Always like to see a notification that Coach Javi has posted a new vid. My 12yo daughter is trying out for a 13yo team tomorrow. We’ve been using your techniques for training first touch for months. She has greatly improved. I can’t wait to watch her perform tomorrow. Thank you for posting your training ideas!! Keep sending em!

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    El paso al exito es solo un escalon Javi !
    Bien echo el que persevera alcansa !
    Saludos desde Mundelein

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    Legend proud of you lad

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    Whos the youtuber at 4:10?

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    hey Javi, idk if you remember me or my family but you helped my brother John and went to state with that team. you also coached me when I was a freshman. I just finished my senior year season and want to thank you for teaching me so much my first year back to the sport. I have been here since the beginning and am happy to see your channel thrive. good luck on Youtube

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    Great video! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us!

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    What camera and lens do you use?

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    OH SNAP a coach javi vid I’ve missed these

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    Fantastic short documentary!
    Thanks for taking the time to share our messages!

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    I almost cry Javi! You deserved this

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    Congratulations coach Javi representando a los latinos and the new generation of coaches

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    Did you meet Sabrina Abelina?

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    The Best coach in the world put the best video on YouTube

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    That is what I call an AWESOME video! Love it from the beginning to the end! thank you so much for sharing this with us!!! LOVE YOU ALL!

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    Dude, yes! I kind of got emotional watching that back. Such a wonderful memory and insight into the grind we all endure as content creators. Great work on this.

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    Ahhh such a great video Javi! Awesome job!

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    Awh Javi, this is so good! The editing is amazing! And I'm laughing so hard, I didn't realize just how small I am standing next to you.

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    Loved the video Javi, great job!

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    Amazing video coach javi missed you!

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    Great video mate

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    Love your vids

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    More one Day of d1 pleyer

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