Playin Soccer: The president of FC Barcelona was at the Ciutat Esportiva for Wednesday's PM session

Awesome Tip: The president of FC Barcelona was at the Ciutat Esportiva for Wednesday's PM session

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  1. Reply

    Like if NEYMAR is coming to barca

  2. Reply

    Messi, Suárez y Vidal donde están?

  3. Reply

    Valverde is a coward. No trophy No enjoyment. Boring manager suitable for small team

  4. Reply

    Valverde Out

  5. Reply

    Poor team

  6. Reply

    It's time to repent and seek JESUS .He gave his life to save you from hell. Repent! before you die, you don't know the time! Stop sinning! and give Him your life. The end is near.

  7. Reply

    Does winning the La Liga twice in a row not mean anything to Barca fans?

  8. Reply

    I hate Valverde

  9. Reply

    Wheres neymar

  10. Reply

    فالفيردي يضحك واخيرا

  11. Reply

    This time young boys that has talents should be used, and allow those old men to rest till they are needed

  12. Reply

    Donde estan Suares y Messi ??
    Por que no entrenan con los demas?

  13. Reply

    Very nice video. ..

  14. Reply

    neymar prêt option d'achat viva barça

  15. Reply

    xavi xavi xavi xavi président président bartomeu valverde out out out out out out out out out out out out

  16. Reply

    Please Barcelona go and bring Neymer for us

  17. Reply

    Barcelona never lost

  18. Reply

    Ousmane Dembelw

  19. Reply

    Where is this pitch?

  20. Reply

    interesting!!visca barca

  21. Reply


  22. Reply

    Indépendantiste !!!

  23. Reply

    Hey fc barcelona why dont you take inputs from its fans.

  24. Reply

    Am I only man who don't see messi

  25. Reply

    why do i never see messi in these training video's?

  26. Reply

    Valverde said that de Jong is a player for the future. Fire him!!!!!!!

  27. Reply

    work work

  28. Reply

    I think this time barca will win the ucl

  29. Reply

    Love barca

  30. Missing Neymar en Barcelona MSN Best Team en el mundo Neymar Messi Suarez Missing this Team

  31. Reply

    Que equipazo , sino se gana la.champions asi ya no hay cuando.

  32. Reply

    Where is messi

  33. Reply

    راح تحررونه هم دوري وسكتو

  34. Reply

    Pecho fríos, perdieron 2 años seguidos la champions y quedando en ridículo, vergüenza les debería dar con el dinero que ganan

  35. Reply

    I love their style

  36. Reply

    why is valverde still smiling…

  37. Reply

    Més que un banca

    • Daw
    • February 11, 2021

    New manager???????????????

  38. Reply

    The Barcelona president is gay and the barca coach is his mistress nowonder he can't fire him. Those two MF's trying to destroy our team

  39. Reply

    No gym for S Busquet.??

  40. Reply

    Cadê o leo messi

  41. Reply

    Una cosa y messi y suarez no esta no?

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