Playin Soccer: The Perfect Training Session For The Day Before A Game!

Awesome Tip: The Perfect Training Session For The Day Before A Game!

Here is a great session to do the day before or after a big game. The focus is on a lot of touches and some very light movement. We didn’t want to put the muscles under too much stress. We kept it simple and light and she felt ready for the big game!

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    Also, how many of you are interested in signing up for a Coach Javi camp? The process is almost done and I want to see who is interested. With that, the first location is Chicago! Who is in chicago and would sign up for a day in a December!?! PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

    • OM
    • February 6, 2021

    Relaxation and recovery session

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    Please make one video on fitness and speed development session.

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    You don’t understand how much I wish if I could just have 1 training session with. You know what you’re doing and don’t mess around.

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    Hello coach! I am Brazilian and my dream is to be able to study with a scholarship in the USA, to learn about culture, to have the opportunity to study at an American university and still improve my soccer. The problem is that I'm already 19 and could only try something after saving money, improve my technical level, improve my English and finish a course I do here. When I did all this, I would be 22 years old, at this age I still have a chance of a scholarship? Are the chances of getting smaller? Many thanks and congratulations for the content!

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    Hi Coach Javi, how's the energy drink free life going? Well, I do have a video training request. Is there a chance that you could make a session plan that focuses on working with outside backs? Something like a full practice that focuses on specific positions. Thank you for consistently bring out new videos. I enjoy them very much!

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    Do training sessions to do with a partner for an off season

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    @coach javi where are u training at

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    Coach javi wheres the mexican sunday league

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    DUDE… I wish you were my coach. GREAT Session. Professional quality training

    • A J
    • February 6, 2021

    i love the session …. the poles setup and the drills through is ingenius … totally gonna use that one tommorow!!

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    I play two teams Saturday and Sunday in the uk but I've injured myself what should I do

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    Really enjoy these types of videos! Inspires me for the future! Keep it up

    • Luis
    • February 6, 2021

    Nice video I am gonna use it next time I train with a partner.

    • f 3
    • February 6, 2021

    Can you do a video on balancing college work with college sport. I'm going on scholarship next august and have had offers from several D1 colleges and a few junior colleges. My academic side isn't the best so that's why I've had offers at junior college also plus I doubt I'll stay a full 4 years. Have you got a video on balancing homework, studying, team training and individual training. Thank you 🙂

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    How about drills for defenders?

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    Coach Javi ..How much water should I drink to prepare for a game? Or is it not that important

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    Notification squad who's up for a training video?! Huge question! Are you interested in me doing camps soon? Comment where I should go!

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