Playin Soccer: The new FC Barcelona kit for the 2017/18 season

Awesome Tip: The new FC Barcelona kit for the 2017/18 season

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The new FC Barcelona kit is finally here. For the first time the shirt will bear the name of Japanese company Rakuten, the Club’s new global sponsor from 1 July. The kit will be available from 1 June at Nike.com/FCB and in the Club’s official shops and distributors.
The new FC Barcelona’s Nike Vapor home kit is an updated interpretation of the traditional Blaugrana, defined by a progressive combination of the traditional stripes with revolutionary Aeroswift technology, to produce cutting edge performance apparel, replete with modern detailing.
On the torso, the traditional Blaugrana is updated and defined by red attenuating vertical stripes against a deep royal blue background. Detailing inspired by the club’s history and culture can be seen on the neck collar, which is partially defined by the Catalan flag, the Senyera. The shirt’s engineered knit zones create a subtle geometric pattern that enhances fit for the athlete in motion.
Club inner pride detailing can be discovered with “Força” on the inner right sleeve and “Barça” on the left. As Neymar Jr explains, “Pulling on the new Barça kit for the first time creates a mixture of pride and optimism for the season ahead. It looks and feels like a modern uniform of sport.”
A darker red stripe begins at the inside of sleeve and the jersey, and expands when the player is in motion, to maximize ventilation. The classic FC Barcelona blue shorts also feature this darker red stripe to provide greater ventilation.
Completing the kit, blue socks infused with Nike Grip technology, feature “Barça” on the front in contrasting gold, whilst a distinctive red linear graphic runs down the back of the calf.
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  1. Reply

    And this is why i love this Jersey the stripes

  2. Reply

    Best Barca kit i ever seen

  3. Reply

    Saw Piqué for one second and i’ll be happy for the rest of the day

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    Beautiful kit, but the blue must've been a little brighter imo.

  5. Reply

    Who else finds it wired neymar’s there?

  6. Reply

    I have the kit I made a video about it

  7. fggff

  8. Reply

    I liked more the one of last year

  9. Reply

    i subscribed !

    • M3 M3
    • February 22, 2021

    0.06 Neymar?

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    Why can't I get it with players name and number on the back

  11. Reply

    Neymar Wearing the PSG shirt now.

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    Happy to see Qatar's sponsor on Barca ended. Rakuten is a great company to deal with and it is more transparent than Qatar. Just hate to see an oil money dominate professional sports.

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    barcelona is the best

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    from what i see..more ugly the jersey more trophies we get..so we gonna get sextuple this season..if not atleast liga and ucl

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    Love this so cool

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    not bad

  17. Reply

    I have recently just bought the kit for myself, it looks amazing

    • Omzi
    • February 22, 2021

    Should i go a size up?

    • AJ 10
    • February 22, 2021

    the new kit should've had red shorts…wayyy too much blue.

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    The new Barca kit is like a kit from 1994 that Barcelona would wear its ugly I hate it

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    I got this jersey already

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    Ugly ass kit

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    buena la camisa de todos nosotros #somlagentblaugrana

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    I actually like that kit.

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    How bout instead of new shirts BUY A FUCKING PLAYER

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    como pueden llegar esas poleras a Bolivia manden por aca porfavoooor Visca Barça

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    worst jersey

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    fuck mesi fucktard lona

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    If you love Barcelona hit the like button

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    how do you like the new jersey with sponsor Rakuten?

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    This shit is ugly

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    no me gusta… se parece a la 2012-2013 pero en vez de puntos tiene lineas

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    0:15 Is That Justin Bieber

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    New kits for new defenders?

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    messi sale VA A RENOVAAARRRR

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    Man the 14/15 kit so simple yet so classy. This one likes like a pijama I would wear to bed. They should have a vote on the kits

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    not loven it

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