Playin Soccer: The Most Important Skill in Football | Awareness

Awesome Tip: The Most Important Skill in Football | Awareness

The Most Important Skill in Soccer or Football | Awareness


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  1. Reply

    which is the hardest skill in football

  2. Reply

    First che check your shoulder then receive pass

  3. Reply

    This really helped

  4. Reply

    I want to see next a video-how be a good Defender.

  5. Reply

    Bro please make a video on bicycle kick ronaldo

  6. Reply

    شکرا اخى يهديکا الله

  7. Reply

    So your saying how to become Bruno Fernandes

  8. Reply

    1 one of the best channel❤

  9. Reply

    Dat mahrez goal 😮

  10. Reply

    Then… i play pes mobile looking for good awareness player

  11. Reply

    How to study gk

  12. Reply

    so true

  13. Reply

    Good hea

  14. Reply

    متابعك من سوريا

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    1 of my bigest problem.

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    This is my YouTube channel from India..if you like our videos please drop a like, comment and share.. don't forget to subscribe my channel for latest updates

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    Subtitle indonesia, please!

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    Please show how to save from slide tackle

  20. Reply

    should add attaker trick

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    Can you please make a video that helps with new mid fielders cause i wanna practice center mid i play left back right now

  22. Reply

    Like for football Bhai means brother ok

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