Playin Soccer: The Maradona Spin | Training

Awesome Tip: The Maradona Spin | Training

The Maradona Spin | Training


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  1. Which player does this skill the best?

  2. RIP Maradona ❤
    We will miss you ❤

  3. Can you make a video of how to shoot more high

  4. I have subscribed your channel and seen nearly every video and did a like on it . I am Akshit Bisht from India and I am of 10 years. This is my first request . Can you please make a video on doing a cross and building your confidence and how to goal when you reach near it like – what can stop you and what shall you do . And how to make a free kick goal . And how to find best placing for you like – Attacker , midfielder etc . Thank you

  5. What if when ur doing the Maradona spin the ball goes in between the defenders legs are you still able to controll the ball??

  6. my head rolls while doing maradona spin

  7. i see it too easy but i cant make it i practice alot

  8. Great but how do you prevent that?

  9. It is zidane spin

  10. You guys made it so Easyy thanks

  11. When it’s the right time to do this trick in a match?

  12. My 6 year old son is starting Soccer and I'm looking at videos and learning so much. Thanks!

  13. In other words the 360

  14. How long takes to train this skill

  15. Hi remember me

  16. really great

  17. Zidanr

  18. Thank you soooo much!!!!

  19. Do lewandowski skill moves please focus on certain players and do five skill moves they do most like dybala Ronald and more

  20. This is such a cool skill….learned this in my living room …thanks guys keep it up!

  21. I'm always be scary when i'm in soccer pratice !!

  22. This helped me so much I learnt to do it after 15 minutes of trying

  23. Hi bro! I am Awlad from Bangladesh. I regular flower in your channel. You are a very good player.I love football but I can't play too good.Please tell me, how can should be a very good player. plz plz plz bro. Advance Thanks. By

  24. Can you guys Please help out if you can thank you gofundme.com/58230cw

  25. Physical Fitness For Football Videos

  26. I don't know to run with the ball

  27. Hey make a video teaching us el tornado

  28. I can't use this technique fast. But my speed is better than before. I need your help to improve my speed. Please help me

  29. Hey! I've watched all your videos and i just want to say a big thanks for helping us beginners out there. Your a true motivator and you make it a lot easy for us to understand and learn the game properly.. I'd really appreciate it if you could do a video series on how to become a better player. Wish you a great new year and I really hope that you'll consider my request faithfully…

  30. which editor do you use

  31. your intros are awesome

  32. Nice video bro! Can you make a video on panna/nutmeg tutorials.

  33. I thinks it's time for a new video

  34. Please upload 1 video every week

  35. how, do not understand Mark can explain me better please ☺

  36. Please upload more often

  37. Please do another tactical or think fast video Plz Plz 🙁 🙂

  38. I want your t-shirts

  39. pls Subs to me chennal

  40. Plz do a rabona tutorial

  41. cr7

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