Playin Soccer: The HARD WORK continues on the TRAINING pitch

Awesome Tip: The HARD WORK continues on the TRAINING pitch

The players were back at training on another stiflingly hot day at the Ciutat Esportiva, with the news that J. Cuenca, Mingueza, Jandro, Monchu and Konrad were also back training with the first team


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  1. Reply

    Pathetic training with no self-esteem players and manager

  2. Reply


  3. Reply

    Bartomeu OUT

  4. Reply

    Barca : let's win champion league
    Man city: hold my beer (smiling messi) :

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  6. Reply

    messi will stay in barća

    • anon
    • February 20, 2021

    Why do these guys absolutely rock it in the training sessions, and absolutely screw it up in the matches?

    Couldn't believe this unit of motivated guys, who ve been training hard, tigers on paper, got child abused by Bayern unimaginably

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  17. Reply

    Hard work? Si hace años que no saben ni lo que es entrenar

  18. Reply

    It look like they are focusing on the players that leaving the team

  19. Reply

    bartomeu division

  20. Reply

    HARD WORK???? and finish 8-2………u need bid changes

  21. Reply

    I want a autograph of meesi nemayar griez man and dembele and also piqui

    • belko
    • February 20, 2021

    Busquets at the club again…
    I'm going to listen to Justin Bieber What Do You Mean

  22. Reply

    I love you

  23. Reply

    Who is here when they lost from Bayern?

  24. I

  25. Reply

    Yup training hard to get hammered by Bayern…

  26. Reply

    Nos dieron verga

  27. Reply

    Big lose Barcelona 8 2 hahaha

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  29. Reply

    who’s here after 8-2

    • Jesus
    • February 20, 2021

    Hard work really does pay off

  30. Reply

    What a f*cking sh*t of team I'm so f*cking sick of this humiliations We are the worst team ever ever 2/8 a f*cling joke

  31. Reply

    8 -2

  32. Reply

    Ayo Barcelona kalah kan Bayern Munchen

  33. Reply

    We are played well. But help Messi with another sharp forward.

  34. Reply

    Let's bring the title back to the camp nou

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    صلو على سيدنا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه وسلم

  36. Reply

    Lol this is my birthday

  37. Reply

    This is our chance to win champions league keep going barça

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