Playin Soccer: The Five Fundamental Soccer Moves and the Footwork Behind Them

Awesome Tip: The Five Fundamental Soccer Moves and the Footwork Behind Them

This video features five basic 1v1 soccer moves. Each move is demonstrated at 1/2 speed and full speed. The fast footwork steps of each move are repeated in 30 second intervals. Master each move until you are able to use them at game speed.



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    Thank you!

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  5. Pathetic

  6. This is for AYSO strugglers at best. Why is the demonstrator wearing clothes to the mall or beach

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    Didi aerokom aro notun video banao

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    Has the right idea, just a little stiff on the ball, of course it is a female teaching it so it won’t be as affective if a male were to do it.

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    I love that these videos have the footwork in slow motion to help you train so you can execute the moves in a match. This channel has the best soccer drill videos for absolute beginners.

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    how long do I have to do this to master these?

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    Your crazy good nice vid I'm trying to make a channel just like this

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    Do u have low confidence as u never show ur face… Just asking love the vid btw nd no hate☜☆☞⊂( ̄(エ) ̄)⊃

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    I love you! this is a great video and will help me with my girls. I like how you break it down into very easy to learn segments. Well done! I hope you keep creating content. <><

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    ver good!

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    On a competitive level those moves hardly work. That stuff is for women's high school soccer.

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    Thank you this really pumped me up to play soccer

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    Do you sell dvd's? I'd love to have an entire dvd so my kids can pop it in and work on it.

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