Playin Soccer: The First Ever Training Session At The Detroit City FC Fieldhouse

Awesome Tip: The First Ever Training Session At The Detroit City FC Fieldhouse

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    Let it be known that on September 21st at approximately 2:23pm, Coach Javi was the first person to officially use the the DCFC Fieldhouse. Also, in the wise words of my old friend Ali Al-Gashamy, the training sessions are backkkkkk!

  2. Reply

    Great drills will be doing this drills with my high school team

  3. Reply

    Nice intro mate

  4. Reply

    What is this

  5. Reply

    that intro was so sick

  6. Reply

    Can I make it to the League? Tect me on instagram @official.jr_gk for 2 videos of penalty save and little training videos

  7. Reply

    hay i like Brasil

  8. Reply

    Can you able to show goalkeeper training session, also? If you're able to Mr. Javi that be would be awesome. If not it's totally understandable, sir.

  9. Reply

    I just saw you at total sports in Wixom, Michigan. Totally shoulda said hi

  10. Reply

    Will it be worth it to go to the coaches convention in January? I’ve been thinking about it but it’s expensive to get in as well as other shows if you also want to participate in them.

  11. Тренер давай больше видео тренировок!

  12. Nice nice nice very nice coach javi
    We want training how to control in match and trainig spead

  13. Reply

    I was literally falling asleep

  14. Reply

    Edition on point

  15. Reply

    How'd you unstitch the swoosh?

  16. Please do a pre-game warmup

  17. Reply

    Great video!!

  18. Reply

    Really enjoyed the video

  19. Reply

    Niiiiice!! Good session! Looking forward to more! Love the turf.

  20. Reply

    Love the videos keep it up

  21. Reply

    First viewer let’s go

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