Playin Soccer: The First Ever Coach Javi Inc. Office!

Awesome Tip: The First Ever Coach Javi Inc. Office!

How do you guys like the new office? I’m excited to bring some new things to the channel as well as getting ready for the camp! www.coachjavicamps.com Stay …


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    Hey everyone! Now that we have the space setup properly, what else should I do? Should I sell some Coach Javi gear?? Should I do a mail time segment? Let me know below!

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    You have a beautiful family… much love …. love your channel

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    a que huele el huevo?? hahaha

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    Can you make a college team without a highlight video?

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    @6:00 jarritos are way better!

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    Your dad has a commentator voice

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    Congrats in being in your rightful place?……4th.

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    Share a concha Coach haha

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    Four minutes Friday

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    Come on mate, it’s all about Man United !!!!

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    You should do a prediction video about the world cup with your dad.

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    Hey coach javi, what ussf coaching liscence do you have? Keep up the great videos mate

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    the 'truth' at the end!!!! hahaha

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    Please bring us the highlight video specifications video 🙂

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    Are you using a phone or camcorder for your videos? Off the wall question. Keep up the great work.

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    How important is a “weak” foot to you??

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    Arsenal > Man United… just saying coach

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    No dont worry we enjoy seeing a bit of tour crazy life

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    you couldn't have chosen a worse english football team to support!! COYS!!!

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