Playin Soccer: The Detroit City Fieldhouse is Open!

Awesome Tip: The Detroit City Fieldhouse is Open!

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    i like 4.32 song suppoters from Laferere, Argentine.

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    I have been following them from Laferrere, Argentina ,for two years. Good luck Detroit city.

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    Lookin' good, DCFC!!

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    Coach javi what classic are your academies in ?

  5. Reply

    She said bad word

  6. Reply

    Are you working another license at the moment or no? Do you plan on going all the way to an A license?

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    Going to be playing in the npsl next year most stoked about meeting coach Javi when we play dcfc

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    nice video bro Greetings from Greece!!

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    Love how all the fans came for an indoor game!

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    What an awesome thing you got going on here. I'm stoked for you!

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    Eat dinner for breakfast nice

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    I wish GF a happy birthday!

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    Coach Javi’s back. Happy Bday to GF! Field house looks great! Looking forward to more.

    • HE3T
    • February 21, 2021


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    First one

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