Playin Soccer: The Cruyff Turn | Tutorial

Awesome Tip: The Cruyff Turn | Tutorial

The Cruyff Turn Tutorial! Learn the skill named after the legendary Johan Cruyff


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———————————————– Script ——————————————————

—- Cruyff Turn —-

—- Intro —-

What’s up guys, today we’re going look at a simple, but effective skill move. The Cruyff Turn.

—- Clip —-

Named after legendary footballer Johan Cruyff [Graphic showing birth-death dates], the Cruyff Turn is a fake pass or shot combined with a push behind the leg.

—- Technique —-

Begin by approaching the ball as if you’re going to shoot or pass. Place your plant foot slightly in front of the ball, allowing space for you to push the ball behind your leg.

Next, use the inside of your other foot to quickly push the ball behind your standing leg and away the other direction.

—- Game Prep —-

The Cruyff Turn is especially useful in situations where the defender is marking you closely.

When defenders move to block your shot or pass, they leave space for you to move the other direction.

Bringing the ball behind your leg protects it from defenders, allowing you to safely move the other way.


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