Playin Soccer: The Coach Javi Winter Skills Camp Is Coming!

Awesome Tip: The Coach Javi Winter Skills Camp Is Coming!

Sign up for the camp here!

Camp Info:
Wed Dec 26; Thurs, Dec 27; Fri Dec 28
Detroit City Fieldhouse

Registration Info:
$100 Early Bird (through Dec 7)
$125 Regular
$140 Day-Of

This three day camp is open to kids 6-17 and will cover a variety of different topics such as dribbling, passing and receiving, shooting, and goalkeeping. The camp is open to players of all ability levels and the sessions will range from beginner to advanced. The main focus will be technical development but tactical concepts will also be introduced. The players will be exposed to different coaching styles and learn from experienced coaches and former DCFC players. Players have the opportunity to win prizes at the end of the week!

Kids should bring a ball, cleats, shinguards, and a water bottle.


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  1. I live near Detroit and I would love to go but I'm going on vacation to Mexico on those days

  2. So much in this vlog! Great stuffs. You and GF are cute together. Lots of laughs. Good luck with your camp!! Love this video!

  3. Lol “Netflix and Chill” should’ve put that clip again “Cortaaaleee”

    • P J
    • February 25, 2021

    Coach! Hey, we would be traveling a bit over the 3 days for my 8 year old son to attend, and as much as he digs soccer, he digs you equally as well. Will you be hands-on for this? My boy would love to take part, and we will make it happen, but just want to make sure he can shake your hand, or at least hit a dab with you…good stuff!

    • Rey L
    • February 25, 2021

    favorite alcoholic drink from the bar at the field house

  4. First! Wait I guess you are first Coach Javi!! Lol

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