Playin Soccer: THE APP YOU USE THE MOST?? | NELSON SEMEDO #90secondschallenge

Awesome Tip: THE APP YOU USE THE MOST?? | NELSON SEMEDO #90secondschallenge

Nelson Semedo took the #90secondschallenge last August. Here’s how he did. We wish you the very best Nelson!! Thank you and good luck.

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  1. Reply

    Azul o rojo

  2. Reply

    Listen the only problem was his defensive skills..the dude's skill with the ball..the dribbling..the speed WITH the ball..dest wont be as good as him..but dest is alot more complete than semedo in terms of a right back..defensively and attacking..

  3. Reply

    Who is she??

  4. Reply

    Any prison break fans ??

  5. Reply

    Supereroe favorito?
    Que grande semedo

  6. Reply

    Best luck in england take over as the king of primar league

  7. Reply

    I gotta be honest. I only watch these videos for the girl <3 jijiiiiii

  8. Reply

    Votaron al incorrecto, Sergi tenía que salir!!!

  9. Reply

    0:33 Nelson dijo Robinho y pusieron una imagen de Ronaldinho

  10. Reply

    why have you not included Leo Messi?

  11. Reply


  12. Reply

    I like travis scoot

  13. Reply

    A mi me gustaba semedo, fuera de que soy fan de dest, creo que lo hacía muy bien y que lo criticaron de manera incorrespondida

  14. Reply

    Alguien que me diga como se llama la rubia?

  15. Reply

    Yo solo mire el video por la hermosa reportera

  16. Reply


  17. Reply

    ASK Messi

  18. Reply

    Y se fue

  19. Reply


  20. Reply

    Más perdida esa entrevistadora.

  21. Reply

    I need that girl's insta for….. research purposes

  22. Reply

    A las semanas se fue jaja

  23. Reply

    They need to get messi

  24. Reply

    Para cuando messi?

  25. What is the name of the girl???

  26. Reply

    Por que nunca entrevistan a messi?

  27. Reply

    Ask mesi

  28. Reply

    F por semedo

  29. Reply

    haha losers

  30. Reply

    why's this video still up?

  31. Reply

    Por qué entrevistan a jugadores de otro equipo? Sinvergüenzas

  32. Reply

    Nelson Semeout xD

  33. Reply

    Who is also here when he has changed to Wolves?

  34. Reply

    This man like Dragon Ball Z and listens to Travis Scott? What a great guy, good luck at Wolves.

  35. Reply

    I wish him all the best in the English Premier League with Wolverhampton Wanderers.

  36. Reply

    Who's Here After Semedo Move To Portugese Army In England Wolverhampton Wanderers

  37. Reply

    I pitty wolves

  38. Reply

    I don’t support Barcelona FC,but it is the best club Chanell

  39. Reply

    When Messi will come here

  40. Reply

    man said travis scott butterfly effects he knows man

  41. Reply

    La camiseta de este año es preciosa

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