Playin Soccer: Ter Stegen, Suárez, Aleñá and De Jong, new faces in training

Awesome Tip: Ter Stegen, Suárez, Aleñá and De Jong, new faces in training

More training and more new faces. On Wednesday Uruguayan striker Luis Suárez completed part of the session with the rest of the group following on from his injury in the first league game of the season in San Mamés against Athletic Club. Elsewhere, Ter Stegen, Aleñá and Frenkie de Jong rejoined the squad following international duty with their respective nationals sides. Marc-André ter Stegen took part in Germany’s 2-0 win over Northern Ireland on Tuesday with De Jong playing a part in Holland’s 4-0 win in Estonia. Carles Aleñá played for the U21 Spanish side on Tuesday as did Carles Pérez form the B squad and both trained on Wednesday at the Ciutat Esportiva.
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  1. Reply

    Name of song?

  2. Reply

    Marc es incríble. No puedo creer que piensen que Allison está por encima de él.

  3. Reply

    3:58 whos he?

  4. Reply

    Is Messi retired?

  5. Reply

    Ter Stegen and Oblak are the best!

  6. Reply

    um titit ntitit ntitit titit titit titit titit titit titit titit titit titit titit titit titit titit titit.

  7. Reply

    What is the brand of the step ball they use

  8. Reply

    …. so, they can't even score in a training session?

  9. Reply

    Can't wait to see messi on the pitch

  10. Reply


  11. Reply

    Neuer is still gonna be Germanys number 1, he Is the best

  12. Reply

    Everyone: HEY Board… FIRE VALVERDE
    HEY Valverde…. Play Artur+ De Jong together in the midfield

    Board and Valverde while covering their ears: LALALALALALLALALALALALALALLALALALALALLALALA

  13. Nember 13

  14. Reply

    Ter Stegen is a beast, he needs to be Germany's #1

  15. Reply

    The starting song is as bad as the season. Thanks for nothing.

  16. Reply

    Pique out!!!
    Pique like a donkey…
    Mature,very slow
    Pique starting line up auto barca consided…

  17. Reply


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    How you treated to rackitic is a shame, he is legend who has done so much for us!

  19. Reply

    Idiot valverde smiling

  20. Reply

    Where is Leo!!

    • Ju Ni
    • February 13, 2021


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    0:51 Stop smiling and get out

  23. Reply

    Where messi ?

  24. Reply

    Poor Ter Stegan was not used in international again.

  25. Reply

    Lalalalalalalala ehehhhhehhhh lalalala

  26. Reply

    Still no Leo….

  27. Reply

    Suarez back يا اوغاد

  28. Reply

    Why you worry about Messi, he is will be very good in The second part of the season if have a big rest

    • Bills
    • February 13, 2021

    Para que regresa para meter un gol en chapions este equipo es solo messi y terestegn pobre dejont donde vino a acaer

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