Playin Soccer: Ter Stegen and André Gomes returned to training

Awesome Tip: Ter Stegen and André Gomes returned to training

After Marc-André Ter Stegen trained on his own at the Ciutat Esportiva on Monday morning, another Barça player who was away at the Confederations Cup, …


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  1. I'll rebuidt this session in my backyard for practice purposes.

  2. Найк ком ФСБ? 0.02

  3. Why is he on the team, with Neymar gone? Barça is carrying the load of bad decisions from Zubizarreta and Luis Enrique. :-/ Last season seemed not up to Barça standards, this next one looks like it's going to suck.

  4. Get the fuck out of Barça !

  5. Neymar traidor

  6. Basta Gomez

  7. It's Offical Neymar is leaving Barcelona if you don't believe me check online it's says psg signed a contract with him

  8. Dybala overrated

  9. Please take the pack coutinho+Di maria perfect deal

  10. M S No N T^T

  11. Neymar is out – Thank God, this fucking saga is over! To all Neymar's fans, do me a favor and take your ass out too and go follow him in PSG, because here we only know one team and it's called FC BARCELONA!!

  12. Bay Neymar

  13. Worthless and incompetent Barca board members, officials and its president Joseph Bartemou. Because of you Neymar left. If i was Barca's president i would never left one of the or maybe the best player in the world leave my club. Becuase you can sell your ass but you cant produce the best player in the world everyday. I want Barca board to be abolished and Joseph Bartemou to be fired immediately. if these people stays in the barca official they will ruin FC Barca for sure.

  14. We won so many trophys before with out Neymar and we will still with him or Not Forca Barca

  15. Neymar leaves Barcelona,Dybala comes to Barça


  17. the LORD

  18. Im so angry at Neymar

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