Playin Soccer: Technical Soccer Drills – First Touch, Passing, Fitness

Awesome Tip: Technical Soccer Drills – First Touch, Passing, Fitness

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    Vídeo muito bom

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    What song is this?!?!?!?!?!?!

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    Hey, Javi! My name in Tim, I'm coach from Russia and I'm watching you from ~ 20.000 subscribers. Summer 2020 I'm planning to visit US and I'm looking forward for to visit some coach conferences and clinics. Could you tell me where can i find some (mb some website with such events)? Thank you, love, peace and soccer!

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    that Polar monitor looks sweet!

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    Love watching these training sessions, really cool indoor facility too! I post my own soccer/fitness videos every week!

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    i play for dcfc

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    Georgie moves so fast bro and his foot work is just smooth I’m trying to get that good

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    King coach javi

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    you motivate me to start playing football again man i miss these training days !!!!!

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