Playin Soccer: Technical Soccer Drills – Dribbling – Passing – Shooting

Awesome Tip: Technical Soccer Drills – Dribbling – Passing – Shooting

Here is the quick session I had with two of my younger cousins. Getting them ready for their college season!

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    Hey guys! I haven't done just a training session in a while like I did before summer started. I don't want to get away from that so I figured I'd start doing that again more often! Let me know what you guys think and as usual any suggestions for future videos are appreciated!

  2. Reply

    can i use this video for my students?

  3. Reply

    Anybody tried the Episoketren System (google it)? I've noticed several awesome things about this popular training program.

  4. Reply

    Can u make a vídeo of effective traing on ur own

  5. Reply

    Hey Javi. Which video editor do you use?

  6. Reply

    only us latinos use Voit, good vid bro

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    Thank you for setting up theses training sessions coach. I've been running your session for the past three week with my team and so great improvement with my players

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    I am 13 and I feel the more I watch these videos the greater my chance to become a pro is. Currently playing my 2nd year of Select soccer, I feel I am ready to start playing rep soccer next year 🙂

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    Coach javi great video its very helpful but could u tell the kid the red that when he receives the ball he should open his body up and not have his feet so close that would help him improve cause he kept miss controling the ball because of it still great video

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    Brilliant and helpful tutorials, really does help thank you so much. You've just earned a sub.

  11. Reply

    Love the music and the drill too,your pic quality is one of the best I have have seen,muchas!!

  12. Reply

    Blue was forward red was midfielder

  13. Reply

    Where are your cousins playing at this year?

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    hey coach i am an 15 year old soccer/football player and i wanted to know what i must do in induvidual trainings can you please show an full training session with only cones to do. so that you can improve everything that things as shooting passing dribbling etc. p.s sorry for the bad grammar. english is not my main language.

  15. Reply

    What college did they sign for??

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    Hey javi! newest subscriber here haha I was wondering if you can possibly put up some goalkeeper training sessions? thanks!

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    I love your videos! I am doing a senior project for my school about becoming a better soccer player with my techniques and your videos will sure help me! Thank you so much!! Keep it up! 🙂

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    Nice session – good tempo.

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    hi am from mauritius please make a diy to make the yellow pipe for traning like in you video train like barcelona

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    Hey coach, can you make a video for the smaller guys. I'm currently 5"6 and I weight about 130. I want to play run on into playing college soccer next year but I need to get ready.

  21. Reply

    Good luck at school boys!

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    great video! or videos! really helps me a lot. Maybe make a video of just defense?

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    the last part of the video was good other net got nothing to say

  24. Reply

    great session, pretty sure lots of people can use this since most school are about to start their preseason!

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    Coach can you do a center back training video im a center back its because i need to get ready for a video i have to send to a college so when i finish high school i can go to that college im just trying to prepare even though im already ready but still im tryna be more ready

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