Playin Soccer: Technical soccer dribbling workout

Awesome Tip: Technical soccer dribbling workout

Technical dribbling workout features 11 beginner/intermediate dribbling drills performed in real time at 30 second intervals. Improve your foot skills, ball mastery, and confidence with the ball by working out at home along with this high quality instructional video. Soccer homework pays off on the field! This workout will make you a better player if you do it every day. All it takes is a little over 10 minutes a day to improve your game.

Este video contiene 12 practicas de fútbol para mejorar tu técnica de driblar. Practica los ejercicios de driblar. Practica de fútbol en casa para pies mas rápidos. Mejora tu control y confianza con la pelota.

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    Hi there, have you considered Episoketren System yet? Just do a search engine search. On there you will find a great guidelines about how you can increase your soccer technique. Why not give it a shot? perhaps it is going to work for you too.

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    Hello there, have you considered Episoketren System yet? Simply just do a search engine search. On there you'll find a great guidelines about how exactly you can improve your soccer technique. Why not give it a chance? perhaps it's going to work for you too.

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    I had to watch these multiple times to understand them, but eventually i got it and these are really helpful

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    You are great I did this and from defender I became a sticker all where shocked after looking my dribbling skills thanks I love your video it was help full ✌✌

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    Is Eprosoke Training Program helpful to improve your soccer skills? I have read many good things about this popular training course.

  6. This has to be a Southern California player and what a nightmare watching it is

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    0:07 inside outside roll
    0:54 inside outside roll scissor
    1:40 Foundation rolls
    2:27 out in out in
    3:15 outside outside stepover
    4:02 outside outside scissor
    4:48 outside outside step on
    5:35 outside outside chop
    6:22 outside outside behind the heel
    7:12 outside outside pull back
    7:58 roll tap

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    I love soccer and I have just started but there is no soccer field near me and my family hate soccer but i am not going to leave soccer i will join the school soccer team and i will play soccer any way thank you so much those videos are so helpful

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    Love your shoes, Model pls!?

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    I like your shoes, could you please tell me the Model?

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    good dribbling girl

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    Wow I LOOVE your videos !!! Wish I could train with you !!! Keep up the awesome job gurl !!! 😀

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    17 and just getting into soccer after being a former defensive end. These videos are great; I've watched several now. Thanks for putting these up, I look forward to trying some of the drills tomorrow! Once again great videos, subbed!

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    what a cool girl @[email protected]

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    Awesome ,, expecting more videos for beginners

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    This is a good channel and all, but it would be nice for some more complex techniques.

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    It starts raining at the end of the video.. but you kept on going… dedication!! 🙂

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    nice !!!!

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    nice !!!!

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    these are amazing practice drills

  21. To lina fe
    3 or 4 times each for all 11 exercises would be a good number to start with. I spend a little more time on the ones that give me the most trouble .

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    How much long do you do it for and how much time for each exercise?

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    I've been searching soccer tutorials for my son. These are the best tutorial movies I've ever seen. Thanks a lot!!!

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    U are better than my friend ;_;

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